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  • Massive Amnesty Scheme in Progress:
    A picture of Obama's America is emerging. Illegal aliens. Druken illegal aliens on our roads. ISIS, ebola, drug cartels-and just about anybody else who wants...
  • Obama, The Bungler In Chief Or Worse?:
    The polls indicate that Barack Obama is doing a very poor job as president. Even those that support him concede that Obama's antics are not...
  • Big Brother Hits Home:
    While illegal aliens languish in the shadows, American citzens have the white hot light of the government shining on every aspect of their lives. From...
  • Obama Threatens to Rewrite Immigration Law:
    It's not easy to document the decline of the United States, and as a result, posts have been few and far between. But if there...
  • America The Replaceable:
    It all makes sense now. The amnesties, the concocted border crisis, comprehensive immigration reform and...good folks that just want to work. I've speculated before, but...

The Two Faces of Ileana Ros-Lehtinen

The Republicans were removed from power in 2006 because they were incompetent and couldn’t get the job done. They were at least partially reinstalled because the Democrats were even worse. That doesn’t change the fact that the Republicans were, and still are skating on thin ice. This is not the time to sit back and […]

Job Market Booming Overseas

While Americans look for ways to cut back and live within their means, emerging middle classes around the world are eager to spend, and that is where companies are going. As the middle class shrinks in America, it is growing elsewhere. Coincidence? No, there is a direct correlation.

The stocks of some of the biggest […]

START Treaty Debacle Emboldens China

An aircraft carrier has so much technological and physical protection that even getting in range to do any damage would be some kind of miracle. Well, stand back, because China is about to part the seas.

Barack Obama lauded the passing of the disastrous START treaty with Russia, that would decimate U.S. nuclear arsenals by […]

Obama Inserts Death Panels By Decree

Although the Democrats wanted to do this on the sly and avoid another firestorm, they won’t be able to: The cats out of the bag. They must still be living in the days when people weren’t paying attention. News flash for Dems: We’re paying attention.

As Obamacare was being rammed down the throat of America […]

Lou Dobbs Slams Obama’s Amnesty Rhetoric

Barack Obama played the violin and gave the sob story it’s for the children while trying to get the DREAM Act passed.The Senate knew it was a crock, and like the rest of America Lou Dobbs knew it was a crock as well.

Billed as one of his biggest disappointments, Obama cried a river after […]

A Merry Christmas…To All

Merry Christmas all. Over the last several years I began to feel that Christmas was losing its meaning in the United States, and that the true meaning would eventually be forgotten by subsequent generations. My view is that December 25th represents the birth of our savior Jesus Christ, although the jury is still out on […]