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  • Massive Amnesty Scheme in Progress:
    A picture of Obama's America is emerging. Illegal aliens. Druken illegal aliens on our roads. ISIS, ebola, drug cartels-and just about anybody else who wants...
  • Obama, The Bungler In Chief Or Worse?:
    The polls indicate that Barack Obama is doing a very poor job as president. Even those that support him concede that Obama's antics are not...
  • Big Brother Hits Home:
    While illegal aliens languish in the shadows, American citzens have the white hot light of the government shining on every aspect of their lives. From...
  • Obama Threatens to Rewrite Immigration Law:
    It's not easy to document the decline of the United States, and as a result, posts have been few and far between. But if there...
  • America The Replaceable:
    It all makes sense now. The amnesties, the concocted border crisis, comprehensive immigration reform and...good folks that just want to work. I've speculated before, but...

Feds Get Parachutes for Fiscal Cliff Dive

While the buffoons in Washington continue to battle over how much of our money they want to take, the so-called fiscal cliff promises to take a little something from everybody. Well, almost everybody. If you happen to be one of those that are actually responsible for taking the country to this precipice, Barack Obama has […]

California Dead Last Again

It has already arrived for me, but now the rest of the country will experience what Barack Obama sees as his mandate after the suspect presidential election last month. If you believe that socialism works, if you believe open borders is a good idea, if you think taxing the daylights out of the citizens, if […]

Republicans Board the Amnesty Freight Train

And the Repubs are trotting out their most reliable RINO’s, John McCain and Lindsay Graham to get as many passengers on board as possible. Completely ignoring millions of missing voters that even has shocked many Democrats, Republicans are now showing their true colors without any buffers. Yes, this is the same Republican party pre-Nov. 6, […]

Possible Vote Fraud Ignored by Republicans

There have been so many instances of voter fraud coming from the Democrat side of politics that is has almost become a joke-if it weren’t so serious. What is happening to this country as a result is far from funny. To no one’s surprise, the presidential election Nov. 6 appears to be riddled with fraud, […]

Hispanics Awarded Political Power

It has begun. When I said it was over, those weren’t merely words to describe a lost election. There will still be a process of how the end unfolds, and if recent rhetoric is any indicator, then I called it years ago. Contrary to media fallacies, the recent presidential election saw the white vote go […]

It’s Over

When we say America, what are we talking about? Certainly the current incarnation of this country is nothing like what our founding fathers envisioned. All the voting chicanery aside, a substantial number of Americans prefer a government that is a far cry from what made this country great. The coalition of ACORNians, illegal aliens, voting […]