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ACORN Officially Declares Itself Innocent

What did you expect? This is like Iran keeping us up to date on their nuclear program. Why waste the time? Because ACORN has friends in Washington, and they’ll use any kind of investigative conclusions to help ACORN, even if those conclusions are fiction.

The investigation was launched when ACORN was caught red-handed engaging in criminal activity was going to be a whitewash; everybody knew that, and here it is. Former Massachusetts Attorney General and head of the George Soros backed Common Cause conducted the investigation, and has come to the conclusion that ACORN engaged in no wrong doing. What the report boiled down to basically is that the ACORN employees caught on the hidden videos shot by James O’keefe and Hannah Giles were just poorly trained, but did nothing that amounted to criminal activity.

“ACORN’s leadership is pleased that this evaluation shows even the low-level employees portrayed in the videos did not engage in any illegal activity or seek to encourage it,”

So there you have it. Trying to find a tax haven for prostitution? Not illegal according to ACORN and Harshbarger. Murder, as in the confession by a California ACORN worker? Not illegal according to this report. In other words, lying, deceiving and engaging in just about any kind of criminal conduct is not illegal if you are part of ACORN. Well, for an organization that is literally built upon fraud, they may actually believe that to be true. All the more reason to de-fund and prosecute. This would be a joke if it weren’t for the billions of dollars that ACORN has received, complements of the American taxpayer to engage in their fraudulent activities. It’s not a joke. ACORN has gotten themselves off the hook this easily. With Attorney General Eric the coward Holder refusing to conduct an investigation, ACORN has put themselves back in position for Vote fraud 2012. Who knows, they may be angling to get the census gig back. They have declared themselves innocent, and the Obama regime, who is so entangled with ACORN that it looks like a scene from Deliverance, has not raised a finger in opposition. Nor will they. After all, for Obama, ACORN is practically family.

2 comments to ACORN Officially Declares Itself Innocent

  • I didn’t expect any less from ACORN’s internal investigation, but it is disappointing that there is nobody in congress who seems willing to call for an independent investigation. ACORN will get away with this, they will probably get their funding back as well as the census. It really is a shame that there are nothing but cowards in Washington.

    • admin

      Darrell Issa is making some noise, but I don’t see very many people standing with him. Those Republicans in congress must know what ACORN is, and it would be in their interest to go after ACORN. Once again I ask, where are the Republicans?

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