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ACORN Reincarnates in New York

The Rosemary’s Baby of community organizers is back, but in reality, they never went away. They just needed a little makeover, and what better place to do that than in a bastion of liberalism like New York.

The criminals formerly known as ACORN, exposed for the prurient, race baiting, economy bashing scum that they are, were forced to disband as we knew them when the fraud, the connivery, and the race based politics that defined them finally came to a head. Dubious election results, and just as dubious voter registrations defined ACORN for even the most casual observer. Stories were popping up around the country on ACORN’s election rigging activities. Isolated incidents we were told. Darrell Issa exposed them officially with a scathing report that showed that not only were ACORN’s activities not isolated, but they were part of a much larger network of crime worthy of prosecution under the RICO statute. The voter fraud angle turned out to be just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. It led to government defunding for the criminal enterprise, but not until James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles went undercover and physically showed America the glue that held ACORN together. An activist judge rewrote American law and restored that funding, but they had become a pariah by then to all but the hardest left, and the name had become political poison.

Unfortunately, Eric the coward refused to pursue an open and shut case on a mammoth criminal enterprise, and as a result, the thugs that were formerly known as ACORN have just morphed into something else. New York Communities for Change, a New York based community organization has taken over where ACORN left off-at least in New York. Don’t be fooled by the name. The NYCC has some of the same board members that sat at ACORN, and they in fact are using ACORN’s old offices and information resources that somehow were left behind.

Those resources were never left behind. This is still ACORN, and the names, and the contacts, and the money sources are all still on the table. What ACORN is hoping for is that they can once again funnel American tax dollars into their coffers like the old days. A tough sell with the old name, but now they may be slipped into some bill without notice. Until then, they’re getting infusions of cash from various unions in the city. $300,000 last year, and they expect the number to rise this year. Just a pittance from what ACORN is used to, but still, no small potatoes. I think it’s safe to say that the NYCC is not the only ACORN spawn operating in American cities. This particular incarnation just happened to be exposed.

There’s no need to retread the machinations of ACORN. A simple internet search-or even a search of this blog will give you all the information your stomach can handle. Not that I need to, I’m sure he’s aware, but I think I’ll drop Issa a line anyway. He’s a busy man, and I want to make sure he heard about this. I’ll let him decide what to do about it. In the meantime, I’ll make sure the clowns at ACORN are not forgotten.

12 comments to ACORN Reincarnates in New York

  • Thanks for posting about this. ACORN has been a thorn that needed to be extracted for a long time and now we have them being reborn under a different name. I know some who would say this is an overreaction to something that amounts to nothing and in fact, they did say that when we were raising the alarm about ACORN itself. Much ado about nothing, they said but I disagreed then and I disagree now. This is a group that needs to be publicized as much as possible, making every effort to show the American people what they are really up to.

  • It is disgusting that Eric Holder chose not to file charges against ACORN with all of the evidence pointing to their guilt. ACORN never really went away and they are popping up all over the country because Eric Holder let them off the hook. We knew this was going to happen, but it is still maddening.

  • Another reason 2012 will be so important. We can’t expect this administration to do anything. A Republican administration may be a different story though.

  • I think I read that there is a plan to hold hearings on Acorn. But then again, they are trying to limit their hearings. This one would be a good one. No doubt would lead to the WH and/or Czars. Zero has been mixed up with these folks forever.

  • Jim

    i can’t remember a worse Attorney General than this one. I think he should be investigated for Acorn, the New Black Panthers, Goldman Sachs, etc. The man is half-assed at best.

    • Well, depending on what your philosophy is, you might think he’s been just great. Some people think ACORN, club wielding Black Panthers, and Goldman Sachs with the combination to the nation’s bank vault is just fine.

  • Thanks for the heads up. NY Communities for Change, huh. Duly Noted.


  • That was my theory from the beginning…to hide their activities by changing the names of the locals, and continuing “business as usual.”

    It was a brilliant move. Too many of us declared “victory,” and moved on. We really need to track those orgs and report on their shenanigans.

  • That was a New York Post story. The Repubs must be aware. What will they do is the question.

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