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Add Obamacare to the List of Scandals

You can pick any agency, any policy, any employee, and if you haven’t arrived outright, any of those things will lead you to stunning corruption, which has become the hallmark of the Obama regime. As the Glenn Beck’s and the Alex Jones’ of the world start to look more and more reasonable, all of the current scandals are drawing attention away from a freight train of a scandal that is coming full steam ahead: Obamacare.

The Obama cabal has been rife with corruption and scandal going as far back as the 2008 campaign. From his still murky background to ACORN, there were some that knew what was coming. Just in recent months we have Benghazi, the IRS scandal, spying on the media, and now we find out that we ourselves are being spied upon, with phone records and even internet activity now in the hands of the feds. Now we have word that hand picked Obama diplomats are engaging in behavior that would get any of us fired at the least. Not in Obama’s world. If Susan Rice is any indicator, the more corrupt you are the higher you will go. Maybe that’s what the Democrats were thinking when they rammed Obamacare down our throats. Disaster is looming and so far, the American public has seemed largely apathetic.

That won’t be the case for much longer. A few weeks ago, California released their estimates of how much Obamacare would cost the average citizen. They added apples and oranges and came up with lemons. The average person will see their rates skyrocket.

Now Ohio has released their estimates, and they haven’t doctored the numbers at all. Rates will skyrocket an average of 88 percent in that state, a thank you gift from Obama. The whole scheme depends on the young and the healthy participating and subsidizing those that are sick and/or have lower incomes. If that doesn’t happen, it all falls apart, and as of now, there is no backup plan.

For those young and healthy folks that rarely use insurance, you can be sure that most will opt to pay the penalty rather than outrageous insurance rates that serve only subsidize someone’s else’s insurance. Doctor’s will be swamped, the money won’t be there, and…it will be up to the IRS to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Will the Obamabots follow their leader over the cliff? Many will, for sure, but the bigger problem is there currently isn’t an alternative to Obama. With old school Republicans blocking the path of anybody that might conceivably make a difference, they are in effect helping the scandal ridden Obama regime implement their faied ideology virtually unopposed. That’s bad news for all of us.

2 comments to Add Obamacare to the List of Scandals

  • We are going to get crushed when this is fully implemented and for all of their talk the House Republicans are not serious about repealing Obamacare, if they were they would defund it. I think they want it to be implemented so people will be hurt by it so they can use it for a political issue in the elections in order to win back power.

  • You’re right. They could just not fund it. HHS, the IRS-none of it. But they are so at least John Boehner is as culpable as Obama.

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