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Air Marshals Being Phased Out

What this will have the effect of doing is gutting a portion of the nations’s security infrastructure, just in time for a disaster to occur on someone else’s watch. Whether this is the plan or just staggering ignorance is almost beside the point. Almost.

Just days after the Obama regime relaxed rules for terror enablers coming to the United States, the Federal Air Marshal Service (FAMS) announced that they are closing more than a fifth of their field offices across the country.

Pittsburgh, Tampa, Cleveland, Phoenix, San Diego and Cincinnati will lose their bases, leaving 20 sites across the country. Air marshals will continue to fly in and out of the cities which are losing field offices.

Translation: Homeland Security isn’t going to pony up the money to sustain the current level of air marshals, so they better make some cuts somewhere. One of the few good ideas DHS has, and that’s the one they decide to decimate.

It is believed that several thousand air marshals man the skies, but with this latest move it only stands to reason those numbers will decline. But we can still fund Obamacare, still fund benefits for illegal aliens, still flush money down the toilet as uncovered by Tom Coburn, but we just can’t keep these field offices open. Do you think terrorists aren’t getting this news? How can they not? Obama has decided to allow them in under the banner of humanitarianism. We already know the border is a suggestion, not an actual fact, and we have an administration that will openly defy any law that conflicts with their agenda.

So while Barack Obama and his minions fly privately amid armed security, the rest of America is hit and miss, with the regime doing nothing to stem the tide of those that would take advantage of an airport without a FAMS field office.

I ask again. Is this being done on purpose, or is it just staggering ignorance? As is usually the case, it’s probably a little bit of both. Either way, it’s bad news for America. We can say just three more years and it’s over, but you know who’s waiting on deck. And we know the level of security provided on her watch…

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