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al-Qaeda Joins the United Nations

I’m not the first person to suggest that Barack Obama is not only taking orders from the United Nations, but that ultimately, he may run for Secretary General of the corrupt, socialist dictrocracy. As self-destructive as they are dangerous, their latest move, facilitated by all the resources Barack Obama could heap upon them (courtesy the U.S. taxpayer) shouldn’t be surprising given the honors they’ve bestowed on thugs in the past.

The U.N. General Assembly voted overwhelmingly to hand what was formerly Libya’s seat in the world body to the rebels that now control that country. Yes, Libya did have a voice in the international matters of the United Nations. Remember when they invited him to New York to blather on and on? Well, now they’ve voted the rebels to do the same.

The rebels-or transitional council (whatever they call themselves) are being led by a guy named Mustafa Abdel Jalil. Don’t know him? He was the former justice minister under Ghadaffi. You saw that right, an ex Ghadaffi thug is now the head of the rebels. Justice Minister. Of course, we know what kind of justice Ghadaffi exacted on his people, and now the administer himself has maneuvered himself into the graces of the United Nations. Not all the various tribes in Libya are happy with this guy, nor should they be. But just in case things get out of hand in Libya between the various rebel factions, Jalil has created a brutal buffer between himself and the unwashed masses.

Keep in mind that the new head of security for the rebels has admitted that he is al-Qaeda. Freeing fellow jihadists from Libyan prisons and shipping looted Libyan weapons to al-Qaeda factions solidify the claim. The very thugs that we are supposedly battling in the war on terrorism, and now not only has Obama installed them as a regime in Libya, but the United Nations has invited them to have a voice in international affairs.

The United States contributes by far more money to the U.N. than any other country. Now al-Qaeda will have a say where that money goes. You can’t make this up. Currently, it is the Republicans that hold the purse strings to the U.N. What will they do? Don’t ask John McCain, he thinks the rebels are just great. Luckily he can’t cut a check to the rebels. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen is the chair of the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee. Her committee could recommend a cut off today. Do you think Boehner and golfing buddy Obama would let that happen?

The next president-should Barry be deposed will have more to deal with than just domestic issues. I know, you’ve heard nothing else from them, but unraveling what Obama has wrought in the Middle East is going to take someone with brains and knowledge of what is actually happening there. Do any of the candidates sound like they fit that bill? Not to me, and maybe that’s why they’re getting a pass on anything but the economy in the debates.

I’m sounding the alarm right now. The rebels unfortunately are exactly who they appear to be and it looks like Obama and his handlers at the U.N. are putting them on a pedestal while our troops fight them in two other wars in different parts of the world. Speak up candidates. If you need an advisor, shoot me an e-mail.

9 comments to al-Qaeda Joins the United Nations

  • This is very disturbing news and it was out very own Barack Obama who was hailing the “Arab Spring.” We can’t get rid of this man soon enough!

  • Wit the al-Qaeda in Libya and the the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and now the UN will vote on a Palestinian State, what a mess Mr. Obama has bestowed upon the world. The Arab Spring could turn into a Nuclear Winter. God save us all!

  • It is amazing how much of the world and the U.S.especially,he has set about to destroy. Gives new meaning to the word chaos.

  • D Charles QC

    I think a bit of fairness needs to put into this item. In fact Belhadj’s past organisation “was linked” to Al Qaeda and he had been “de-radicalised”. There is no link to him and Al Qaeda leadership, he pointed out that many organisations were “loosly affiliated” and Belhadj was subjected to rendition, detention, torture (which I have no problem with to be frank, in a time of war) and released.

    Also, comments like the current leader as being some example of the brutality of the past regime really does no justice to the reality. He was certainly the Justice Minister under Ghadaffi, but he put a great deal of effort to modernize Libyan laws and when he told Ghaddafi that he did not support the “questionable” ideas and interference in the judiciary, he was sacked and put under house arrest. I am a barrister (a lawyer) and I have put effort in knowing the previous legal and judicial system in that country and atteneded conferences and talked to Jalil a number of times.

    We should be happy about the change in that country and it is by supporting, and not whining or making up issues, that will encourage democracy and freedoms.

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