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Allen West Exposes Communist Caucus

Few politicians in Washington have the stones to tell it like it is, but there are a few. Allen West, at his own peril, is blunt, truthful, and has a vision for America that would put us on the path to greatness once again. We all know that there are those in Washington, along with legions of unwitting minions across the country that have a very different view of what America should be. West has just shined a light on some of these cockroaches. Compare this bunch with our founding fathers and decide what is more outrageous: The assertions of Allen West, or the actions of those he has exposed.

At a town hall meeting in Florida, Allen West dropped a bombshell revelation, although some of us were already aware. According to West, a huge contingent in the house and one senator are members of the communist party.

Addressing a town-hall meeting Tuesday in Florida, the freshman lawmaker was asked how many members of the American legislature are “card-carrying Marxists.” West said “there’s about 78 to 81 members of the Democratic Party that are members of the Communist Party.” He did not provide names.

He doesn’t have to provide names. West was referring to the Congressional Progressive Caucus, made up entirely of Democrats, and the worst of the lot at that. Of course, cries of McCarthyism immediately followed, although, the comparison is apples and oranges. McCarthy was sick. He was right, but he went about doing something about it all wrong. Had he had a little backup at the time, maybe America wouldn’t be saddled with the Progressive Caucus today.

You decide for yourself if these clowns are communist, stupid idiots, or just anti-American thugs. I say a good mixture of the three. We can start with co-chairs sharia pimping Keith Ellison and reconquista Raul Grijalva. Ellison is one of pen over the sword Muslims, choosing to subvert America using its own laws and customs, much like the group that he whole-heartedly supports, CAIR. Grijalva works tirelessly to hand America over to Mexico in order to accomplish the reconquista, or reconquest of the American Southwest. He isn’t alone. With the influx of illegal aliens there are many politicans that now hold office only because of the illegal votes from la raza. Xavier Becerra would tell you. So would Linda Sanchez. They too are caucus members, and like Grijalva, reconquistas. Of course, Ellison has his allies as well. Remember Andre Carson? He’s the fellow Muslim that said the tea party wants to see blacks hanging from a tree. Well Andre, you’re a Muslim. You should know all about heinous acts with the road you’re on.

Let me throw out a few more names. How about Elijah Cummings, the race baiting clown that is doing everything possible to block Darrel Issa’s investigation into fast and furious. Between him and Boehner, Issa may never get to the bottom of that. Then we have Barney Fwank, the gay prostituting, mortgage meltdown cartoon. What’s worse, this guy has been elected and re-elected. I’ll pass comrade. Then there’s John powers that be Conyers, who refused to investigate ACORN, citing the aforementioned powers. I guess the powers that be kept his crook wife out jail as well. Jesse like father, like son Jackson jr., Dennis olive pit Kucinich, Sheila cell phone Lee, and of course Maxine this liberal is about socialism Waters are just some of the trolls that make up the caucus.

Communists? Definitely socialists at the most benign. Maxine made that very clear when grilling oil companies over profits. Of course, it was her that bilked taxpayers for millions while covering losses after her husband had run a bank into the ground. Like the communist party, the unwashed masses have draconian rules imposed upon them, while members go by a completely different set of rules. Go check out the caucus’ website if you want to see what they have in store for us. For them? A different set of rules. Dems are some of the richest people in congress, contrary to the image of rich white Republicans. Nothing wrong with being rich, it’s how they got rich.

Sure, Allen West is going to be attacked because he told the truth. People think that the communist mindset is just one big happy poor family. Look at how Russia was, or China. Party members do quite well, while the general population are pounded with a social structure these commies would never live under themselves. So don’t get the idea that communists are a bunch of poor hippies that will let you crash on couch. They never were that. You want to talk about concentrating wealth in the hands of a few? Try communism.

Obama’s social justice, occupy Wall Street, the Arab spring, ACORN, SEIU, paying their fair share, single payer, green energy, global warming, the EPA, the TSA, comprehensive immigration reform-do you think those are unrelated things? That is the vision of the Marxist left. Allen West has stood up to it. And remember, these people have lived the dream for decades. This is a lifetime goal for them. It’s all about power and control, not fairness though. Are the remaining non-commies in Washington so obtuse that they can’t see the direction these people want to go? Labels aside, is it not obvious that this caucus is the anti founding fathers? We as citizens need to let Allen West know we’re behind him. We just can’t afford to sit back and hope that other Republicans stand with him. It may never happen.

4 comments to Allen West Exposes Communist Caucus

  • Allen West isn’t afraid to speak his mind and that is exactly why Romney needs him as VP. He can be the attack dog that Romney is too timid to be. Do you think West would have let an attack on his wife go unchallenged the way Romney has?

  • McCarthy may have been a wacko but he wasn’t wrong. When i first heard the Allen West video, I let out a shout: “Finally a politician willing to call it like it is!” Three or four hundred more like him and we might just getour country back. I agree with Steve; West would be the best choice Romney could make for a running mate.

    • The establishment republicans just wouldn’t have it. I’m betting if he can’t get Rubio it will be one of the establishment hacks that will make Obama’s reelection that much easier.

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