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America Offers Political Jizya to Islam

Is this a coincidence? On another day, talking about another regime in another time you could make a case. But we’re talking about the Obama regime, and as I’ve said before, actions speak louder than words. As if the words alone weren’t enough to make you cringe, get a load of the actions.

Literally hours after Muslim Brotherhood thug and Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi stood up in front of the United Nations and told the United States to put away the First Amendment and submit to Islam, somebody…we can only speculate, took Morsi’s advice and put free speech in the deep freeze. In case anybody thinks what I’m saying is just rhetoric, you can judge for yourself.

“Egypt respects freedom of expression,” he said, but “one that is not used to incite hatred against anyone. One that is not directed toward one specific religion or cult.”

He called on the U.N. to consider international action to crack down on speech that defames religions.

The Yemeni president was even less diplomatic, calling for limits on freedom of expression. So who in America is listening to these goons? Well, we can only speculate.

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the guy who made the little seen obscure film credited for sparking a firestorm in the Muslim world was arrested for apparently violating his probation. Part of that agreement was that he was to stay away from the Internet. It’s not known if he indeed he violated his probation, but in the meantime, he’s going to sit in jail until it’s all sorted out. Make no mistake; Nakoula is a fraudster and a buffoon, and I have neither the desire or the duty to defend what he did or what he’s done in the past. This isn’t about him. It’s about all of us, what we can say, how we can express ourselves. How does this tie in with Barack Obama?

Just the other day, Barack Obama spoke at the U.N. himself and as his own regime acknowledged what happened in Libya was indeed a terror attack, unrelated to Nakoula’s bad film, Obama doubled down on the myth. That film didn’t spark outrage in the Muslim world as Obama insisted the other day. They were outraged well before that. Chris Steven’s would tell you…if he could.

I was tempted to add a link to the story of Nakoula’s arrest, but I couldn’t find one that wasn’t channeling Obama’s contention that it was the movie that caused Muslims to go on a mindless rampage. Yes, mindless. I heard a blogger on the radio the other day, based in Cairo. He said the whole protest there was almost comical (if not for the violence that is). Half the crowd was telling the other half what they were supposed to be upset about because…nobody had seen that film. Apparently some Imam’s got their base fired up and the faithful reacted. This video has apparently been out there for months, but the simmering rage didn’t come to a boil until September 11.

Sure, it’s speculation. I can do that here. Check my disclaimer on the sidebar. But we have Obama contradicting not only his own regime, but intelligence sources as well. The event in Libya was a planned terror attack. September 11 no less. The “outrage” across the Muslim world on September 11 was no coincidence. But Obama blames the movie in the face of overwhelming evidence. In my opinion, Obama was genuflecting to the Muslim street. But guys like Morsi said it wasn’t good enough, and all of a sudden, Nakoula ends up behind bars. Sure, I’ll concede it could be a coincidence. Just like a terror attack and violent protests all across the Middle East on September 11 could be a coincidence…

He can rot there as far as I care, but not because of that film. We have a First Amendment in this country whether Mohammed Morsi likes it or not. It looks to me like somebody is trying to change that. Nakoula made it very easy by being an all around scumbag apparently, and that does a disservice to all of us. Anything that makes the Obama agenda easier to implement is bad for America. Well, depending on who you are. To the Muslim world, Nakoula’s arrest probably looks like common sense, not a stifling of free speech.

I’ll continue to speak my peace about Islam, and as readers of this blog know, I do not do it in a cartoonish way. I call it like I see it, and right now I’m seeing more than I should be seeing on American soil.

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