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America The Replaceable

It all makes sense now. The amnesties, the concocted border crisis, comprehensive immigration reform and…good folks that just want to work. I’ve speculated before, but there is little doubt now: Americans are literally being replaced.

Try and wrap your head around this. According to The Center for Immigration Reform study, immigrants, both legal and illegal have gained millions of jobs in the U.S. while native Americans have actually lost jobs since 2000. According to the study, which uses Census Bureau data, immigrants have gained 5.7 millions jobs since 2000 while native Americans have seen jobs decline during the same time frame. Basically, less Americans are working now than in 2000. That isn’t the case with immigrants though. But you say, what about Texas, a model of job growth, despite all these antics? Most of the jobs created in Texas have gone to, you guessed it, immigrants. The job numbers Americans were actually able to procure in that state is actually worse than many of the high unemployment states. If America loses those electoral votes… Americans are being pushed out of their own workforce and it has only been ramped up in recent weeks.

Thousands (as far we know) of unaccompanied minors are streaming across the border right now, somehow knowing that if they just get to American soil, they can stay. Instead of providing border security, the Obama regime is using taxpayer dollars to welcome the illegal children and providing the anchor that the parents will need to come to this country. And if past actions of this regime are any indicator, they will be coming. The fact that these parents would serve their children up to cartel members and human traffickers in order to secure their own spot in this country means nothing to Obama. Good folks. The Obama regime has released many of these children to family members already here, but like a Lois Lerner e-mail, they just can’t come up with any numbers.

But it gets worse. New York state Senator Gustavo Rivera has sponsored a bill in that state that would give illegal aliens the chance to vote in state elections. You saw that right. Yes it is aiding and abetting, patently illegal, but…who’s going to stop them, Eric Holder?

Let’s piece this together. The Obama regime cracks down on any state that dares to even try to enforce any kind of immigration law, he decrees amnesty unilaterally in gross violation of the law to just a whimper of protest, and has now created a phony crisis at the border. No, that fence was never built. Remember that? All the way back to 1986. This is the last time. We know that some of those good folks are already voting, but in New York they want to make it official. What jobs are available or being created in the United States are going to immigrants to the tune of millions while those Americans that still work are being taxed in order to provide services for those same immigrants until they can gain a foothold of their own. With 58 million working age Americans on the job sidelines, it has become quite clear what is happening: We are being replaced.

Somebody tell me where I’m wrong. Tell me how I confused I am. Unless you think the census Bureau is lying or Obama didn’t actually decree amnesty, or you think that ICE is actually enforcing immigration law, tell me where I’m going wrong here. This is the end of American at warp speed, and instead of having level headed Republicans providing a buffer for this nonsense, they are actually on board for the most part, with the establishment goons looking to pass an amnesty bill on their own. Marco Rubio jumped the gun and ruined his 2016 chances, but he may have cemented a spot down the line.

But he would be running for president in a different America. In fact, by the time he throws his hat in the ring, it may not be America at all. Call it the dismantling of America, call it the North American Union, call it misguided socialism, call it all of the above. America is just a shell of its former glory now. Give it a few more years (and I mean just a few), and we won’t recognize the place.

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