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America the Unrecognizable

Not that I needed the Census Bureau to substantiate my claim that the American population was being replaced, but at least they confirmed it with their numbers. We will be alive to see it come to pass, but our children will live it.

If you believe the numbers from the census Bureau, the immigrant population in the United States has nearly doubled since 1990 to almost 40 million. At this rate, 93 percent of the working age population will consist of immigrants and their offspring by 2050. For American citizens, that will basically leave the very old and the very young. As it stands now, immigrant children are the majority in our schools. That essentially leaves old Americans and a few younger stragglers. That sounds like near total population replacement.

We know that immigrant birth rates far exceed those of Americans, and between legal and illegal immigration, American just can’t keep up with the onslaught. So while we talk about the swing to the left and the illegal activities of the current administration, we are being hit with a tidal wave that is crashing on our shores as we speak. No, there is no reversal at this point. We can look to change the mindset of those that came here and continue to be America the great, but as alluded to earlier, the country has swung to the left. The immigrants coming here now for the most part do not hold the values of America, but the values of where they came from. They ran away from what they came from. Now those failed values will be here, and they will have the political power to make sure this nation becomes a failed mirror of what they escaped from.

You may say that it doesn’t make sense to leave behind what wasn’t working for you only to reestablish it somewhere else. Well, if you don’t know anything else, what else would you do? Again, we could conceivably instill traditional American values in arriving immigrants. After all, America is an idea-the best idea ever conceived by man in the way of governance, but as we see now, there are those in this country, partaking in the fruits of this nation while simultaneously tearing it down for those that will come later.

I’m no expert in psychotic behavior, but I can usually identify it when I see it. The spread the wealth Obama regime, and the millionaire socialists that surround him smack of a severe psychosis that noone has addressed that I know of. Consider it addressed. What it means for America is a socialist, immigrant population that have no concept of America, because they aren’t seeing what made America great. Instead, they hear about the mistakes America has made and how handouts are the order of the day. Apologies and free money. What third world resident wouldn’t take advantage of that? The invitation has been sent and the door is open.

It all sounds bad, and it is. But if there is a light at the end of the tunnel it is that America is an idea, and the Constitution is a document that still lives-for now. As long as those things survive there is hope for not only America, but the rest of the world. Unfortunately, that will take time to play out, and we won’t see in our lifetimes whether the idea of America ultimately wins the day.

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  • As long as those things survive there is hope for not only America, but the rest of the world.

    Time heals all wounds. We have been wounded, but I sincerely hope that it is not a mortal wound. For now, I leave you with a wish for a very Merry Christmas and prayers for a healthy and safe New Year.

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