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America's Biggest Terror Threat?

Well, that depends on who you ask. Anybody in their right mind would say radical Islam is the biggest terror threat, but not everybody is in their right mind. For them, the top terror threat is-the tea party.

Rasmussen polls are what I consider the the gold standard in polling. That makes the 2012 presidential election very curious. Another post. Well, maybe not that curious. The left in this country has become more radical, more intolerant and more vituperative that I can remember. What is going on in the minds of those folks? Rasmussen gave us some insight.

A recent Rasmussen poll revealed that 26 percent of Obama supporters view the tea party as the nation’s biggest terror threat, barely behind the threat of radical Muslims which came in at 29 percent. Contrast that with those that do not support Obama. 75 percent see Islam as the biggest threat.

If you think it’s just a bunch of hippie college kids being told what to think by their professors, guess again. While that crowd is definitely part of the Obama universe, those earning six-figure incomes were even more inclined to see the tea party as a threat.

Interestingly, while the Occupy movement was allegedly targeting the “one percent”, upper income Americans are more likely than others to see the Tea Party as the bigger terror threat. Among those who earn six-figure incomes, 21% consider the Tea Party the bigger threat, while just two percent (2%) say the same of the Occupy movement.

We can believe that the libs in Hollywood would be on that list, but even with them 21 percent is a very high number. Could it be old guard business as usual thugs, the very ones Jack Abramhoff spoke of? Could be. But the fact that so many see the tea party as a threat at all is what is the more concerning. Smaller government and lower taxes doesn’t sound like a game plan for terrorists. But we can never underestimate the ignorance of the public at large.

FOX was out on the streets of New York the other day, asking passers-by what they preferred: The Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. You can just imagine the answers. As I looked at this poll I thought about the Obama backers that had no idea the ACA and Obamacare were one in the same. They vote. They think the tea party is a terror threat. Terrorists. What kind of twisted view could they possibly have of flag toting patriots? Where would they get that kind of perception?

There may not be an answer for those questions. It could very well be that these people have no opinion of their own and an opinion was given to them. What else could explain such a departure from reality?

Incredibly ignorant, or incredibly crazy. You could make a case for both. Unfortunately, the next time a Ted Cruz or somebody else attempts to reason with the American people, they’ll have to deal with this crowd as well.

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