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Amnesty Race Card Providing Diversion

The Obama regime is using any diversion they can to get Benghazi out of the headlines. One of those diversions is amnesty. It makes no sense to legalize millions of of aliens that have no allegiance to the country, nor in most cases any real skills to contribute. The left needs a diversion within a diverson to push such an absurd idea, and they are going with the race card. They may have enough collaborators to pull it off.

When the Democrats refused to bring amnesty to the table for two years after Barack Obama was installed as president, the open borders advocates were disappointed, but did not blame the Dems. Instead, they blamed the Republicans for blocking a pathway to citizenship. Never mind that the Republicans would not have been able to stop an amnesty bill from passing. Now, as the likelihood of an amnesty bill making it through both chambers of congress is slim to none, the media is once again going after Republicans, and by default, whitey.

Amnesty advocates are looking at now until August as their window to get amnesty legislation through congress. After that, politicians will be busy with their 2014 challenges and any kind of bill this big would be put on the back burner. That, according to the AP, would change the focus to Barack Obama and unconstitutional executive orders to impose amnesty on America. And we can blame the whole thing on whitey.

For many individual House Republicans who represent largely white districts, there remains scant political imperative to act.

Act on what? The AP makes it sound like amnesty is a reasonable thing to do, and it is whitey that is holding up common sense. The media isn’t alone though. An alarming number of Republicans concur. We know about John McCain and Lindsey Graham, and their new pal Rubio. But the house has their own open borders Republicans. John Boehner bashed his own recently for not taking up the suicidal issue. Mario Balart and Illeana Ros-Lehtinen have always been on the bandwagon. There are more. It’s not like the Repubs have a huge majority in the house. They do not. If open border lobbyists can pick off enough Republicans in safe districts there may be an amnesty bill yet. Not likely, but the fact that it’s even possible bodes ill for the United States. How much longer can amnesty be held off?

There is widespread agreement within the Republican establishment that the immigration issue has become a political drag on the GOP because of how it alienates Latinos, a fast-growing voter bloc.

The key word here being establishment. I’ve said before that if you have to give up your principles, then what is the point of winning an election? If the point is to win at the expense of the country then it would make sense. And maybe that’s it. Of course, the slugs that troll Washington can’t just come out and say that, so they play the red herring race card.

And quite an effective card it is. Donald Sterling will tell you. The NBA, with all their race skeletons, knew for 20 years knew what he was, but didn’t care when the Clippers sucked. Now that they are among the top franchises all of sudden the league is outraged with him. When Democrats refused to pass amnesty in 2009-2010 there wasn’t much more than a murmur of protest. Now that it will take Republicans to pass any kind of bill, it’s the voters in white districts that are holding things up. Coincidence? No, although seemingly unrelated, the tactic being used is the same. The point here is not that voters in “white districts” are like Donald Sterling. They are not. The point is that the race card can be used in the same way and can be just as effective. When the media paints amnesty opponents as motivated by race the spotlight is turned on whites. A Rasmussen Poll highlights how far off the mark that is. Open border advocates are positioning conservatives as the Donald Sterling type, and themselves as the innocent Magic Johnson victims. Accuse others of what you are and watch them squirm.

The Obama regime has been playing the race card almost since the inauguration. Expect that trend to continue. The good news is most people don’t believe that it is whitey harboring racial animosity in opposing amnesty. The bad news is that there are those that want to believe that is the case. Just ask the AP.

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