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AP Continues To Spew Global Warming Lie

Global warming is a myth and a fraud. The whole world knows it now, except, apparently, the AP.

As if the IPCC never had their e-mail system hacked into, the AP continues to report on the absolute inevitability of global warming, and the only way to deal with it is to spend money. That’s right. Since we’ll all have be on stilts in order to avoid drowning in the rising seas, the infrastructure adaptation will cost money, and lots of it. To offer proof of the looming disaster, the AP quotes the chairman of the.. you guessed it, the very same IPCC that have been exposed as frauds. In fact, this may be the biggest fraud of all time if you take into account how much money has been spent, and proposed future spending.

Adapting to rising seas and higher temperatures is expected to be a big topic at the U.N. climate-change talks in Copenhagen next week, along with the projected cost — hundreds of billions of dollars, much of it going to countries that cannot afford it.

Now we’re getting to the crux of the issue. This is about redistribution. If the global warming disaster is going to have such dire circumstances for the world, don’t you think that the economic powers, the wealth that societies globally depend on would have priority? Yes, that would make sense. But this isn’t about global warming. This is about draining the coffers of wealthy nations and redistributing to poorer nations in order to “level the playing field. So instead of creating wealth, the UN/socialist plan is to divvy up what exists, and we’ll all be poor and happy. Apparently these guys have never run a hot dog stand. If they did they would realize what kind of economic suicide this is.

They don’t realize though, and that’s the danger. For the UN, the criminal IPCC, Barack Obama, Al Gore, and the rest of fraud perpetuators, their vision of a socialist utopia is blinding them to common sense. As in the past, this crop of boobs are certain it will work this time. Of course, when this plan falls on its face, they’ll be gone, and the rest of the world will be left holding the bag. The AP will continue to promote the lie as long as they can though, which in the face of damning evidence shouldn’t be that much longer.

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