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AP Spews Voter ID Propaganda

It is documented on this blog how much the AP is in the tank for the Obama regime, but when the AP chief outed himself and gave a glowing review of Barack Obama, the obvious was confirmed. We could just accept this as another left wing outlet barreling over the cliff with the rest of the socialists, but unfortunately, thousands of media outlets across the country reprint AP stories as fact. Sometimes the stories are true sometimes not. Sometimes they’re laced with both fact and propaganda. And sometimes they’re outright lies. Come to your own conclusion as to what category this story fits.

As Eric the cowardly gunrunner Holder attacks states for daring to implement voter ID laws, the argument being made is that segments of the population will be disenfranchised if the laws were left standing. Apparently, if you believe Holder, minorities and the elderly are incapable of procuring valid ID, and as a result, they either would not be allowed to vote or would have their votes thrown out on a technicality. The AP has tried to make Holder’s case.

Starting with the anecdote of an elderly couple that had their votes thrown out in Indiana, the conjecture and the rhetoric heated up from there. Apparently the AP were given free access to temporary ballots in Georgia and Indiana (?) and they came to the conclusion that 1200 ballots were tossed due an Id snafu. The insinuation was that 1200 legitimate votes were tossed. They nearly back tracked from that. Nearly.

The numbers suggest that the legitimate votes rejected by the laws are far more numerous than are the cases of fraud that advocates of the rules say they are trying to prevent. Thousands more votes could be in jeopardy for this November, when more states with larger populations are looking to have similar rules in place.

The old numbers suggest line. They never were definitive as to whether those 1200 votes actually were legitimate or not. They go on to suggest that thousands of votes could be tossed in November, swinging the election in a different direction that it would have otherwise gone. Well, I don’t doubt that. But my reasons are quite different that the AP’s.

Not once in the article does the specter of ACORN come up, nor do they discuss electronic voting machines, instrumental in the defeat of Doug Hoffman in NY23. They also fail to mention vote counts that are being shipped over to socialist Spain for calculation. Now, we’re talking hundreds of thousands, if not millions of votes in November. But the AP focuses on a few human interest stories that may or may not be factual.

I can walk into any DMV and get an ID. I don’t need to drive either. I can get a state issued, valid ID. How it is that certain demographic groups cannot achieve this simple goal, was not discussed in the article either. That leaves me to once again dismantle an argument that has no legs to stand on. Unfortunately, millions have access to the AP’s propaganda, and my blog reaches whoever shows up. Also, keep in mind that there are those who have no qualms about rigging an election. Without voter ID laws, literally anybody can vote, and Obama basically registered millions last week with his amnesty decrees.

If anybody from the AP would like to contact me and dispute anything that I have contended, I would welcome the opportunity to debate. But, Like Eric Holder the opportunity to mop the floor with an amateur like me is not enough to even send one of their flunkies in to put me in my place. There’s a very good reason for that. They don’t have a valid argument, so the tactic is to beat you over the head with rhetoric until the Hitlerian big lie effect kicks in. Sadly, that tactic is relatively effective. Not here though. Standing offer AP.

10 comments to AP Spews Voter ID Propaganda

  • We keep hearing the voter ID laws are a fix for a problem which doesn’t exist; if that is so how come Eric Holder and Barack Obama are so intent on stopping the laws? I think we know the reason why.

    • Makes you wonder. Are there really that many people who can’t procure an Id that the Obama regime has to literally make a federal case out of it? I think not.

  • Thanks for the link. Here is a bit more:
    SCYTL technology was the subject of controversy in South Carolina during its 2012 Republican primary. The Ron Paul campaign charged that there were major problems with the process of vote tabulation implemented by local elections officials who had been trained to use the SCYTL platform. There were also reports of numerous technical failures on the part of electronic voting machines.

    Bev Harris, an elections and voter fraud expert, wrote that the manner in which SCYTL reports election results are very hard to monitor for fraud. According to Harris, a citizen observer would have to be present at the time the polls close to capture evidence of precinct results. Otherwise there is no way to compare the numbers.

    • The more people that know about this the better off we’ll be-in theory. Thanks for putting it out there in the first place.

  • Hell, even in socialist Venezuela you have to have a voter ID with picture and thumb prints.

    • I heard today that when the U.S. monitors elections in other countries, the standard is to make the voters present photo ID. If we hold the rest of the world to that standard, why not us?

  • There is but one reason why Holder and company resist voter ID laws. It takes away some of their base of illegal voters and they are doing everything they can do to keep that from happening.

    • That’s been my contention all along. There are enough illegal aliens in certain states that really can swing an election.

  • They’ll tow the line to enable the fraud. It’s as if fraud is seem as a right of sorts.

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