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Big Brother Hits Home

While illegal aliens languish in the shadows, American citzens have the white hot light of the government shining on every aspect of their lives. From phone calls to social media to internet activity, Americans are being tracked in every way. But, you argue, if I just jettison all electronic devices I can still walk around in anonymity. Well, they have that covered too.Police-Drone-Flying-Spy-Surveillance

Rarely do I relate a personal story on this blog, but in this case it really isn’t about just me; it’s about all of us. I like to jog, and take my long runs on the weekends. That means a couple of hours or so along the local running trails. With temperatures reaching the mid-90’s, it was a mistake any way you slice it, but to add insult to injury I found that I had company-uninvited company.

Laboring down the trail I heard a whine over my head. There are model airplane enthusiasts in that area, but they are relegated to a certain section of the park. This was a good two miles from there. I looked up and saw it. A drone, right there, no more than-with my poor judgment 100-200 feet overhead. It was round, all black and had arms protruding around it, resembling a flying spider, very similar to the photo. It appeared (at least to me) to slow as it passed overhead. I gave it my best one finger salute and it continued on, over a bank of trees and out of signt.

Had this thing been following me? Was it just flying around in general? Was it one of model airplane guys with a new toy? I eliminated the last possibility. Too far away. That left either following me or just flying around in general. Unless whoever was controlling the thing reads this blog I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t there for me. It was there for all of us.

I’ve spoken before about the new America. As Barack Obama repopulates the United States as we speak, you have to ask, is any of this for us, or is it for the what will become the country formerly known as the United States. Certainly the third world were unable to run a country, so what to you do with the occupants of those countries when they are now United States residents? How about monitoring phone calls, social media, internet activity, and even physical movements. And that’s scratching the surface. Thinking of it that way, the future of America is even uglier than at first glance.

2 comments to Big Brother Hits Home

  • I don’t even know what to say to this except that you are correct. This is about all of us. I weep for the America that I grew up in.

  • It must have been pretty creepy! Soon enough this will be the norm and people will not even bat an eye while the government is following their every move.

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