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Bloomberg Still Trying To Hand New York To Islam

Although it is true that virtually all elections are subject to some kind of voting chicanery-c’mon New Yorkers, how many times have you elected that numbskull mayor of yours? He is just a symptom of a larger problem in New York, though. At least there are some of you that still have some common sense.

New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, continuing his quest for honorary apostate of the year spoke at a Muslim sharia fest dinner and once again reiterated his support for a mosque in the shadow of ground zero. His twisted logic this time around was that if we didn’t allow the mosque to be built, that the war on terror would be jeopardized. In his opinion, allowing Islam to rub our nose in the memory of 9-11 was the way to-well, he wasn’t clear as to why it would be a good idea, only that we wouldn’t look like a free nation if we didn’t allow an intolerant terror cult to build a shrine at one of their massacres.

I’m glad the media finally got a hold of this story. I talked about this atrocity last year.If anybody thinks that Islam is a religion of peace needs only to pick up a newspaper on any given day to see how peaceful they really are. Even the imam who pulled the mosque project out of his ass suggested justified terror by saying that the U.S. had it coming on 9-11. Now he wants to run a victory lap, and Bloomberg is trying to clear the way for him. Bloomberg, and many other left-wing nuts like him don’t have an answer as to why it is always America that needs to be accommodating, even to the repulsive, and not the other way around.

America is currently a Christian nation, whether Barack Obama or Michael Bloomberg want to accept that or not. Islam and Christianity are incompatible. When was the last time you heard of a Christian terror attack? When was the last time an artist had his life threatened for drawing a picture of Jesus? When was the last time a Christian sued their employer because they wanted to wear a cross around their neck? Never. Those things don’t happen with Christians. They do happen with Muslims though. They are not about co-existing; they are about imposition. There is no compromise. Open any page of the Koran and see for yourself. Islam preaches one thing, but tells us infidels something else. At this point in America, it’s the “moderate” Muslims that “just want to practice their religion”. However, once there are a sufficient number of Muslims in a given area, then requests become demands, for things like sharia law. Barack Obama has already set the stage for that by stocking the State Department with sharia law advocates like Harold Koh. At a certain point talk is over, and violence and force becomes the order of the day. If you think that’s rhetoric, just take a look around the world anywhere where Islam has taken hold. The greater the numbers, the greater the demands, and the greater the imposition on that society. Europe will tell you. Take a look at France. And I’ve said before, most people don’t do anything about anything. That doesn’t mean they don’t condone the activities of others.

People like Michael Bloomberg are clueless, and those like Obama really are just practicing their religion. I don’t need to make anything up. What other religion has followers that behave like Muslims? None. Is allowing the kind of behavior the Muslims exhibit around the world considered tolerance? Islam is a one way street. Buffoons like Bloomberg just don’t get it.

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