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Boos Rain Down on Obama

How low can Obama go? Apparently he’s been in the gutter for a while and we just didn’t know it. If you believe the media, he sends a tingle down the leg of America. The people though, see it differently.

As Rome continues to burn, Barack Obama decided to take in a basketball game. At the Maryland-Oregon State game Obama thought he was among friends. A loving basketball crowd, and Michelle’s brother coaching Oregon State. Ahh, a respite from those pesky poll numbers. Or so he thought.

As Obama made his way courtside, there was a noticeable chorus of boos among the crowd. Not the entire crowd, maybe 62 percent. No, Obama cannot escape his cratering popularity, and apprently never has. If you just Google Obama booed, you’ll find that he’s been booed by basketball fans, doctors, and even the Boy Scouts. You saw that right. Michelle isn’t off the hook either. Remember when she and Jill Biden were booed at a NASCAR race? But the media would have us believe he was the second coming.

This brings up the question, if a guy like Obama is this unpopular, how is it that the Republicans are unable to capitalize and get their message out? Republicans usually capitulate to anything Obama wants and on the rare occasion they stand their ground they end up being manhandled by the Obama media. Look at what happened with the government shutdown. That was 100 percent Obama’s making, yet by the time the media were through, the Republicans were blamed for orchestrating the destruction of the United States. Instead of recruiting more Ted Cruz’ they attack anybody that that threatens the good old boys, like Boehner, McCain, Graham, and the rest.

So while Barack Obama’s popularity is in the toilet, there is nothing to oppose him politically. Well, there is, but old school Republicans are right there to come to Obama’s aid. That leaves the unpopular Obama to walk away from scandal after scandal with absolutely no consequences.

6 comments to Boos Rain Down on Obama

  • You hit on a great point; as unpopular as Obama is becoming the Republicans cannot mount any real opposition to him and that is troubling indeed.

  • The Republicans have been largely ineffective. I call it flailing in the wind. That isn’t Ted Cruz’s fault, but he is only one man.

    As for Obama, I’ve never see a politician so capable of shedding criticism. The scandals that have surfaced during his administration should have prevented him from winning reelection. They would have done so to most politicians, but not Obama. It escapes me to describe how he does that, other than with the help of the media.

    • Obama can get away with it because he has no opposition in Washington. As you said Cruz is just one man. There are few others, but Republicans need to get their house in order before they can even pretend to be effective at anything.

  • Put me down as one who just cannot get it. Obama should be washed up and this whole thing over by now. Something more is afoot I fear, but then I got out my tin foil once again.

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