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Border Agent Blamed for his Own Death

How does the Obama regime do their PR? Do they just throw things against the wall and see what sticks? Recently, that seems to be the case. We saw conflicting assessments as to what happened in Benghazi, and now we have the same kind of Keystone Cops explanation going on at the border. This time though, the regime has sunk to a new low, and unfortunately, what they have come up with will probably become the official story.

Just days ago, Border Patrol agent Nicholas Ivie was shot and killed along the U.S./Mexican border while responding to a tripped sensor, an indicator that illegal aliens were crossing the border. Initial reports had Ivie and two other agents coming under fire, and in the end, Ivie was dead and another Border Agent was injured.

We now have an official explanation, and I’ve never seen the word apparently used so many times.

Apparently, there were no smugglers in the area. Apparently, it was the border agents that shot at eachother. Apparently, Ivie mistakenly thought the other two agents in the area were smugglers and began wildly firing into the night. Apparently, the other agents returned fire, killing Ivie. Apparently, ballistics are currently inconclusive, although they-by their own story, have the guns and the bullets. Apparently, two thugs detained on the other side of the border-that were in the area, had nothing to do with the shooting.

With Fast and Furious still simmering for this regime, their story today is that agent Ivie brought his own death upon himself by firing at fellow agents. You know, I had an article saved to link to with this post, but when I went back to it I noticed that some things were redacted. The original article cited seasoned border agents that claimed they had never seen this kind of friendly fire incident, and some of those agents have been around for decades. I’m not linking anything. The “official” story is out there if you want to indulge. But the fact that the FBI can’t seem to confirm what guns did what brings up the specter of Fast and Furious. They do have the guns don’t they? Or do they?

Less than a month out from the election and a glaring example of a pourous border is being covered up. With both candidates being clawed at by the Latino vote, the likely scenario is that Nicholas Ivie will go down in history as getting himself killed, and will soon be forgotten. The sooner the better as far as the trash on the beltway are concerned. Ivie won’t be forgotten here, and neither will any of the other agents who are still out there, working under almost impossible conditions, trying to secure the border while leaving it pourous enough to satisfy the pandering hacks in Washington. Absolutely shameful.

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