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CAIR Praised, Solicited Money From Gadhafi

Although the Park Avenue jihadists claim that have never sought foreign contributions for their American subversion tactics, our own State Department tells quite a different story. Unfortunately, that’s all they’re doing. The result is creeping sharia in the United States is becoming a full out march.

As the world feigns indignation at the behavior of Moammar Gadhafi, that same behavior seems to be just what CAIR is looking for. Gadhafi has been the same brutal madman for the last 40 years, but only now is the international community outraged by his grip on power. Now, CAIR is saying one thing, but doing another. True to form.

When Gadhafi was invited to speak to the worthless U.N. back in 2009, his seemingly whiskey soaked tirade included everything from the Kennedy assassination to swine flu conspiracies. Keep in mind, this is the guy that rubber stamped the bombing of Pan Am 103, and welcomed back the mastermind with a lavish extravaganza when Britain foolishly let him go. We now know that he was let go in order to facilitate an oil deal. At that time, CAIR was able to hide behind the international community, because they were giving Gadhafi legitimacy.

After Gadhafi’s tirade at the U.N., he was approached by Nihad Awad (one of several names he uses), executive director for CAIR to ask him for money to distribute 1 million copies of the Koran to both American politicians and citizens. Awad had great praise for Gadhafi at the time.

“Your speech has had an impact in the hearts of many people in the world,” Awad said. He hailed Gaddafi as “the world Islamic popular leader,” saying “[w]e appreciate your efforts over the years, and wish also to extend your interest will extend to Muslims in America, God willing.”

He also asked Gadhafi to bankroll yet another Muslim front group, The Muslim Peace Foundation. Your guess is as good as mine whether they got the money or not. I bet the State Department could tell you. But like Homeland Security, they won’t do anything with the information, despite the fact that one of the founders of this foundation is none other than Dar al-Hijrah, who according to the State Department, is associated with Islamic extremists” and “has been linked to numerous individuals linked to terrorism financing. Yet our State Department does nothing.

CAIR has sought millions of dollars from other questionable foreign sources in order to further their courtroom jihad in America. The United States is aware of all of this, even conceding that CAIR are unidicted co-conspirators in a terror plot, but still, they are allowed to operate freely in the United States, suing American citizens for daring to stand up to Islam, and striking fatal blows to the American court system. Yet our government does nothing.

Now CAIR would like us to believe that they are against the antics of Gadhafi and those like him that run the Muslim street, but their actions-verified by our own State Department tell the truth.

The subversion of America is being funded as we speak. Our government does nothing. Sharia law is already being introduced into our courtrooms. Our government does nothing. Our Justice Department is suing those that refuse to bend over backwards for Islamic law. Our government is doing something there. Unfortunately, it is against, and not for America.

You bombed out Peter King. I’ve said more in this article that you did in an entire hearing. Other than the King fiasco, not a word from Republicans. Washington. How do so many useless people end up in one place? Of course, in the case of CAIR, they are very useful. Useful idiots that is.

17 comments to CAIR Praised, Solicited Money From Gadhafi

  • Actually CAIR’s behavior with regards to Qaddafi are very much inline with their standard operating procedure. CAIR, being the voice of the Islamist movement in the West, does anything and everything it can to push Islam on the West, the fact they solicited Qaddafi for money is irrelevant to their overall goal – attributing principles or ethics to CAIR is very shortsighted.

    Prior to the “Arab Spring”, any realistic designs at ousting Qaddafi from Libya were distant at best, so CAIR, in its typical fashion, was using the dictator to forward its goals in America. But following the uprisings across the Islamic near and middle east, fomented most definitely by the Muslim Brotherhood, who CAIR is the spokesgroup for, it is not hard to see the instant 180 on CAIR’s position to Qaddafi.

    What would be more odd is if CAIR did not reverse their stated position on Qaddafi, considering the Muslim Brotherhood is at the forefront of the uprisings in Libya.

    • What I was pointing out is that CAIR doesn’t have a problem with people like Gadhafi. After all, as you pointed out, they are a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood, who can be just as diabolical as any of the despots on the Muslim street. I’ve pointed out in many previous posts what CAIR’s ultimate goal is. I write these kinds of posts from time to time so people don’t forget what CAIR really is.

  • Let me address the last part of your post, ie. why the Republicans or so many other people in Washington refuse to step up and talk about this. I think they are afraid of what might happen, were they to do that. What I can’t answer is why they fear speaking out so much, unless it is simply politics.

    • Well, if they’re playing politics, they’re going to lose that game. I’m not sure what they think might happen. Could it be any worse that what is already occurring? Unless of course they fear for their own safety. Peter King got death threats. They may be physically intimidated, and if that’s the case, we’ve already lost the fight.

  • Our political leadership is too timid to address this issue; Peter King basically gave this issue lip service and that was all. If our leaders are unwilling to even mention who our enemy is there is no way that we will ever defeat them.

    • Obama won’t even allow the national security apparatus to say who the enemy is. It seems like the Republicans are following in lock step. Joe Lieberman is the only one I heard protesting that kind of political correctness. How bad is it when Lieberman is the guy making sense?

  • @Larry and Steve – Herman Cain and Allen West both are willing to callout Islam, and they have done so very recently. I honestly believe one of these two men is whom we are looking for in the future.

  • Soon the world will be blessed with The Muslim Brotherhood of Nations. The we can have a nice BIG war.

    • Jim, Matt, mcnorman, I say it again: And the Republicans do nothing. Fleeceme, if we want Cain and West in the spotlight, it is us that must put them there. We can’t leave Republicans to their own devices and expect them to come through. It’s up to us. Are there enough of us with our eyes open to pull it off?

  • I’m afraid that Jim is right. We are reliving the 1930’s.

  • I’m with Jim on this.

  • You’re right rjjrdq. It’s up to the rest of us to stop the “usual and customary” selection.

  • Agree too that Jim is on the money with this one. The only thing postitive in any way is that Zero got himself in way over his head. The poll this morning has him in the hopper big time. Could our citizens be catching on? Hope springs eternal.

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