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CAIR Trying To Implement Defacto Sharia Law

It’s no secret that CAIR is pursuing the implementation of sharia law in the United States. With the Peter King hearings in full swing, CAIR is on the offensive-with a little help from their friends.

As the official story goes, a Muslim woman comes out of a supermarket and finds her car defaced and keyed. In addition to that, a page from the Koran was on the windshield, with the words fuck it scrawled across the torn page. Vandalism? No doubt. Inappropriate? Absolutely. Now CAIR wants the Anaheim, California Police Department to investigate this as a hate crime. Because of the damage? Because of the lewd language? No, CAIR wants a hate crime imvestigation because of the Koran was desecrated. As per sharia law.

We know what the terror supporting CAIR has on their agenda, and with that in mind, here’s where the story seems to fall apart. First of all, when this victim comes out and sees her car, does she contact the police, the insurance company, a family member? According to the story, she did not. She went straight to CAIR. Second, the defaced page of the Koran appears to be fairly large. Not something some punks printed on a regular printer. And the words. Not you, or off, but it. Sounds like someone who does not have English as their primary language. It just seems like alot of work for someone to scribble what they did and tape it on some windshield. Maybe it’s just me. Lastly, this story shows up in the Sacramento Bee, a Sacramento newspaper that is a good 300 miles away from the “crime.” Sacramento, the state capital, where laws are made in the state. Coincidence? That’s not how CAIR operates.

It appears that CAIR has a friend in the Sacramento Bee. At the end of the supposedly objective article, there are links to CAIR’s Facebook page, their Twitter feed, an e-mail subscription, a subscription to their YouTube page, and several phone numbers for their offices. Very objective.

My guess is that the perpetrators are never caught. This looks a little too convenient in the midst of the King hearings. We don’t know if this is a contrived hate crime, but as Pamela Geller put it, If the perpetrator is a Muslim, is it still a hate crime?

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