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California Hemorrhaging Jobs

And the trend will continue because Democrats in the state are stunningly clueless as to the effects their policies have on the state. California has eclipsed the definition of crazy and has moved into the realm of self-destruction.

Thanks in part to the politicians in Sacramento, California is a basket case. Thanks in part to the voters who put them in power, California is a basket case. Toyota has had enough.

Faced with the high cost of doing business in California, Toyota was looking for a way out and found it in the state of Texas. A cornerstone of good paying jobs in Los Angeles’ South Bay for years, Toyota is relocating their headquarters to Plano, Texas, and taking 3000 jobs with them. California already has the dubious distinction of having one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation, with Los Angeles County suffering badly. This was the last thing Los Angeles-and California needed. But the response from governor Jerry Brown, was, although expected, still stunning to hear.

According to Brown, there was little California could do to keep Toyota in the state. He cited executives who said the decision was partly based on Texas’ proximity to some of their manufacturing plants in Texas, Kentucky, Mississippi and Indiana. None of those states have anywhere near the kinds of regulations and high costs of doing business that California has. What those executives didn’t say was why those manufacturing jobs were not-nor ever will be in Caslifornia. Why are they in those states Jerry?

Brown also said that the city of Plano aggressive courted Toyota in an effort to get them to move there. What does that mean, aggressively court? Tax breaks? That comes with the state. Lower business costs in the form of less regulations? That also comes with the state. It sounds like all Texas did was to explain what Toyota would get by default just by showing up. Brown either does not get that, or just can’t do anything about it. After all, its his party that runs the state, and the voters that put them in there are for the most part, looking for a government handout. Sure, you have the Hollywood crowd, and the Silicon Valley crowd, but once you get outside those enclaves, living is very expensive in the state.

Democrats in California have decided that the solution to all the state’s woes is to raise taxes, burden businesses with numbing regulations, and invite millions of illegal aliens into the state, rewarding them with taxpayer funded benefits. Yet Brown laments there was nothing California could do to keep Toyota. Is he out of touch? Is the entire party out of touch? The Dems may lose their super-majority temporarily, with gun-toting Leland Yee looking at prison time as well as fellow senator Ron Calderon. But California voters will remedy that temporary problem by placing two more Democrats in Sacramento to take their place. Their reward?

There is now a bill floating around Sacramento to raise the tax rates on the highest earming corporations in California a whopping 45 percent. You saw that right. Yet Jerry Brown says there was little they could do. Self destruction, coming to a state near you.

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