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California Legalizes Illegal Alien Drivers

I’ve spoken many times about the new America. An America that is unrecognizable from the America we know today. An America that looks more like a foreign country. And if you want to know what that will look like, buckle up and take a gander at California.

As if education funding for illegal aliens wasn’t enough, California governor Jerry Brown threw in the highest minimum wage law in the nation along with special privileges for illegal alien nanny’s. But he’s topped himself this time, and the tentacles attached to his latest monstrosities will touch all of us. Driving in this country is a privilege, not a right. Illegal aliens have been granted that privilege in California.

Brown signed AB 60 into law Thursday, granting illegal aliens legal status in the state while they are behind the wheel. The “licenses” will only grant driving privileges, and will not be used for any other purpose. Brown assures us this is the case. This was something that Brown was opposed to as late as 2010. When asked why he flipped he responded that since congress was dragging their heels on immigration reform, he was going to act.

Where have we heard that before? Arizona? Georgia, Alabama? Several other states in one form or another? What happened there? They were immediately attacked by the Justice Department. So far, not a whimper from the gun runners under Eric Holder. Despite the statistical documented failure of similar stunts in other states, Brown shamelessly pandered to his new constituents, realizing that he could kick his old constituents in the teeth and they would still vote for him. The face slapping of California citizens was going so well for him he decided to take things a step further.

Brown says he (among other reasons) signed the driving privileges bill so people could get back and forth to work. That will now include lawyers. Brown also signed a bill that would allow illegal aliens to obtain law licenses in California. You can’t make this up. How would you like to be sued by an illegal alien and dragged through the court system like some abused puppy? Think it can’t happen? Brown just made sure that it could, and if those illegal alien lawyers are concerned with their immigration status around court houses, well…Brown took care of that too. California just isn’t going to cooperate with the feds except under the most egregious crime cases.

Illegal aliens have special status in California. It’s only a matter of time before that status turns into citizenship, which turns into votes-even more that the left is getting now. Take a look at our schools and see if it gets any better on the American side. I’ve said it before. We Americans are being replaced. Don’t believe it? Take a look at California, the largest state in the nation. If you stay you will be forced to bankroll your own demise. If you run…they’ll catch up shortly.

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