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California To Put Two More Nails In Its Coffin

The media focus has been on national and international issues recently, with varying degrees of accuracy. Nevertheless, the issues regarding Syria and the looming Obamacare debacle are being covered. What is getting less attention is what is happening on the state level, and those issues have their own disastrous consequences.

Once again, California is living up to its status as the worst run state in the nation. Mired in economic woes, the state is dotted with sanctuary cities that cater to illegal aliens, which only exacerbates the problems. The state has decided to put in another two cents, and that will end up costing the citizens of the state much more. The Democratic legislature has overwhelmingly passed AB60, a bill that would grant driving privileges to illegal aliens. The bill would have passed much sooner, but the licenses are actually permits that would essentially identify the holder as an illegal alien. Open border lobbyists fought against this, and the bill was held up until finally they were convinced to support it. With the amnesty push on in Washington, the permits would be rendered moot if the likes of John McCain and Lindsey Graham get their way. The bill is expected to be signed by governor Jerry Moonbeam Brown.

Just by coincidence…Brown is expected to sign another bill regurgitated by the legislature that would raise the minimum wage to $10 per hour by 2016, a move applauded by those that have decided to make a career of minimum wage jobs. Restauranteurs big and small and many small businesses opposed the bill, citing a significant reduction in potential profits, and in some cases an ability to stay in business at all. As usual, the protests fell upon deaf ears, and California solidifies its position as the worst run state in the union.

You could make the argument that the trend in California is moving towards an immigrant based citizenry, who need services and privileges to get a foothold in society. At the same time, the state-and many cities have been the architects of this trend, and the only way to pay for the transition is to tax the remaining legal citizens who have not high-tailed it out of the state. Sooner or later though, the takers will overwhelm the givers, and as a matter of fact, that has already happened in individual cities. The state is catching up though, and when it does, what was once one of the most powerful economies in the world will be no more. Never mind the cultural and other issues that unfettered immigration will foment. The state is transforming into Mexico del Norte, and they expect the American citizen to bankroll it. Let’s be real. This is about Latino illegal aliens and no other ethnic group.

Worst run in the nation. That’s what we have in California, and that’s what we have in the White House. The prospects look no better on the horizon either. California is heavily Democrat and will remain that way, and right now, Hillary looks like a 2016 shoo-in. The worst part is being surrounded by folks who want it to happen. But the ignorance of the average citizen is another post.

5 comments to California To Put Two More Nails In Its Coffin

  • As California goes, so goes the nation.

  • I have had to purchase 6 new vehicles in the past 20 years. I live in an area where more than 70% of the population has no car insurance. I have never caused an accident. I have been hit by someone from elsewhere who was carrying false insurance paperwork everytime. My kid just purchased a car (1st time) and 1 week later…you guessed it…an accident. No accident. The newly minted resident was in a turn lane only and t-boned the vehicle. Insurance? Uhm, can’t find the “real” owner of the car or document the insurance three weeks later.

    Maybe Jerry will be riding his bike to work and get clocked by a fresh minted resident? There are all kinds of quick insurance scams to use in order to be perceived as being an upright citizen. When it comes down to the details, most come to work and send their money back home. They are not interested in maintaining the American dream.

    I’m sorry about Jerry. Actually Rj, I’m just sorry that your state (and our federal government) is doing stupid things like this. This is pervasive stupidity. Just look at the Dept of Ed. I am not thrilled about someone who graduates with an 8th grade reading capability working behind the pharmacy counter and requires pictures on the computer screen to ring me up. (Not the pharmacist, but the tech that needs to place the right bottle in the correctly labeled envelope.)

    Pandering to law breakers never forces them to behave. It encourages them to push harder for getting more, and in the end everyone loses.

  • But just think of all those food stamp dollars, paid for by the good folks of Texas and Indiana, that will flow into the California economy. I’m thinking Detroit writ big!

  • Petermc3

    Just as water seeks its own level so will this poison spread to the other 49.

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