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Californians Belted With Hundreds of New Laws

Are you a criminal? How would you know? There are so many laws, rules, regulations and edicts directed squarely at the general population that to even research the possibility would be a monumental full-time job. As if things weren’t bad enough in California, as of January 1st, there are hundreds more reasons to steer clear of this state.

With no opposition left to stop them, California Democrats have loaded up the 2013 hopper with a whopping 725 new laws, all of which the general public is subject to. From tax hikes to hijabs, the open borders socialists that drove this state into the ground is showing America that they ain’t seen nothing yet. Good luck actually getting a hold of these laws and checking them out. To peruse 725 laws full of legal babble would require a 24/7 approach. Here’s just a few-just to get the idea.

Those illegal aliens that Obama gave amnesty to a few months ago will now legally be lining up for driver’s licences. You are correct, there is nothing legal about any of it. But this is California, only a part of the union on a technicality. How about payouts to permanently disabled workers injured on the job? That’s quite a few folks in California since the threshold for proving you’re actually injured is virtually non-existent. Payouts will rise, but at the same time, employers will get a break on premiums. Yes, do the math on that one. How about workers with religious garb? You Christians wearing a cross around your neck are not part of this. We’re talking turbans and hijabs here. If that Hooters gal suddenly goes Allah and wants to wear her hijab on the job, there’s nothing the employer can do about it. Nothing.

Already ranked near the bottom in education, the Dems couldn’t resist going that last mile to reach the bottom.

Tests: The Academic Performance Index, which has been based entirely on student test scores, is changed to give test scores no more than 60% of the scale and include other factors such as graduation rates.

Basically grading on a curve. The stupider the class, the better chance of passing. What a nightmare. It makes charter schools all the more attractive. Well, until now. School districts have been given the power to shut down charter schools if they are considered underperforming. Not sure what that criteria would be, but no doubt a charter school in the cross hairs of the teachers union will fill them in.

I haven’t even scratched the surface. And that’s the point. Nobody will get through all these laws, and even worse, they do this every year! Thousands upon thousands of laws are on the books, making it virtually impossible to know if you’re actually committing a crime or not. Maybe we’re better off that way, because to be aware of every law would be paralyzing. This is just one state. Add the thousands of new regulations the Obama regime has added in just the last few months and the average citizen literally has nowhere to turn.

Land of the free? For a civilized society to be more regulated than is unfathomable. But this is what the people want. Especially in California. Whenever the state smacks Californians across the chops the voters just reply, May I have another sir? I consider The fact is many of the “laws” in California is criminal behavior validated by the legislature. Most of them are criminals. That begs the question, if a criminal makes the laws, is it really a law?

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