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California's Parade of Self Destruction

Every state has their stories, but California could rival any state in the nation in corruption. Despite the potential dangers of one party rule, the voters of California vote Democrat again and again, furthering the meme that defines insanity. The latest revelations regarding political corruption isn’t likely to change that trend.

When California governor Jerry Brown was attorney general, he went after ACORN exposing hero James O’Keefe for illegally videotaping ACORN operatives in the act of committing crimes. He didn’t even look at ACORN. Now as governor, he is apparently blind to what the legislature is doing right under his nose. Leland Yee, state senator and former San Francisco supervisor was arrested on charges of corruption and gun trafficking. Apparently, Yee was trucking in guns to the United States via a Muslim separatist group in the Philippines. The irony is that Yee was front and center on banning assault weapons in the state. The weapons he was looking the bring in though, were even worse than the weapons he supposedly wanted to ban. Yee was/is a popular figure in California politics and in fact was in line to become the next Secretary of State. For now, at least, those plans are on hold. In true California style though, this thug was let out on bond and walks the streets as we speak. Illegally trafficked automatic weapons, shoulder fired rockets, Muslim extremist groups…He’s out of jail.

But Yee isn’t the only scumbag to have his number called in California. Fellow Senator Ron Calderon was indicted on corruption charges last month. Apparently, he was run-of-the-mill pay for a vote senator. He took bribes in return for his vote. He tried selling his services to FBI agents and got caught.

These are the latest guys that are yet to go to trial. Former senator Rod Wright has already been convicted of voter fraud for lying about where he lived. He didn’t live in the district he represented. Poor Rod got the short end. Los Angeles City Council goon Richard Alarcon did the same thing and he not only hasn’t been convicted, the word is that he’s eyeing the mayor’s office at some point. Could be worse, fellow council goon Jose Huizar plowed a city vehicle into another car and left the taxpayers to mop up the mess. The county assessor is accused of selling favorable assessments. There is the City of Bell scandal, Bob Filner down in San Diego and the list goes on. And it does go on. But I digress.

Right now, the state senate has voted to suspend the three criminals that are currently in the headlines, including the gunrunning Yee. Yes, that is suspension with pay. Why wouldn’t they just throw these bums out? Well, the Democrats have a super majority, that being a majority in the senate and assembly, and can basically pass any legislation they want, with no opposition from Republicans possible. But they need these three guys. Top that off with the fact that these guys are friends with many of the senators in Sacramento, and you have a suspension, not expulsion. You could also make the case that they all have skeletons in their closets, and these guys might know a thing or two.

The Yee story has gotten alot of press, but that is not the case for the other two. California voters are likely to see this as an isolated case, and continue to vote Democrat. Who knows, Yee may end up Secretary of State yet. It’s possible, just ask Marion Barry.

After moonbeam Brown retires from office, Lt. Governor Gavin Newsome is looking to be the next governor. The wife coveting, cocaine snorting, marijuana legalizing drunk is a strong favorite to succeed Brown. Okay, okay, he denies the coke head allegations, but he did enter rehab to address the drinking problem.

Just another day in the late, great state of California. Light years from the Reagan governorship era, and too far gone to bring back, these stories are becoming so common that it almost seems normal. Maybe for California, it is…

5 comments to California's Parade of Self Destruction

  • You would like to think that this would wake up the voters but it probably will not. I certainly hope this will turn the tide in that state but I am not hopeful.

    • We just have to consider California lost and work with the other 49 states. That sounds harsh, but I don’t see this crowd coming to their senses anytime soon

  • How sweet…suspension with pay. They do take care of each other. In the heyday of the mob, this was called making sure to keep your enemies closer for that special moment.

    Hey rj, take care of yourself. Those tremors can get awful ugly. Then again, maybe they will happen right under the houses where these cretins dwell?

    • Thanks mcnorman. It was pretty mild around here, although there have been several in the last week or so. Hopefully not a precursor to something bigger.

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