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Castro Concedes Communism Is A Failure

Now what Barry? One of your biggest inspirations just flushed your life long philosophy down the toilet. And he should know all about it, because he actually put it into practice.

No doubt the Congressional Black Caucus, who made absolute fools of themselves last year when they went to Cuba to worship Fidel Castro are currently licking their wounds of stupidity. All the Saul Alinsky, Langston Hughes, and Frank Marshall Davis bullshit that has been rammed down the throat of America for the last few years has been exposed for what it is. Fidel Castro, the face of communism since the fall of the Soviet Union has revealed what a disaster communism is as a philosophy. Taking nothing away from China, who has gone quasi-capitalist since being spoon fed millions of American jobs, the man who did it without the help of the United States is now admitting that communism is not working in Cuba. In an interview with Jeffrey Goldberg, a national correspondent for The Atlantic magazine, Castro conceded what the rest of us already knew.

Jeffrey Goldberg, a national correspondent for The Atlantic magazine, asked Castro if Cuba’s economic system was still worth exporting to other countries, and Castro replied: “The Cuban model doesn’t even work for us anymore,”

The Cuban government has not come up with a clarification yet, and it is not clear if they will. After all, Fidel’s brother Raul is the Cuban government. The chances of Raul contradicting his big brother is pretty slim. In fact, Raul himself stated to the Cuban people that they will have to start getting along with less government help.

Too bad they waited for decades to come to their senses. Now the majority of Cuba is dependent on government handouts and subsidies, and to force them on their own now will probably make them even worse off than they are now. If the American economy is in shambles, then Cuba is on life support.

To the end, Cuba will blame the U.S. embargo for most of their ills. Yes, the fact that they have been unable to feed off the American economy like some kind of parasite is somehow a strike against American foreign policy.

Cuba was on the verge of becoming an island paradise, with casinos galore and money flowing through that would make Bugsy Seigel blush. It was the Castro revolution that changed all that. After that, gone were the casinos, along with the money and the jobs. Cuba blames the United states for not propping up their regime even after they destroyed the economy of Cuba. I don’t want to hear about how dirty that money was, as if there is no corruption in Cuba now. At least the old corruption put bread on the table.

Now Fidel Castro may be starting to lament his decisions. A little late, considering the millions of lives shattered over the nearly 50 years of communist rule that has strangled that tiny island. Maybe his brother will start to change things and depart from his brother’s hardline communist stance. Even if he does to a certain extent, the global economy is shaky at this point and of the countries likely to recover first, Cuba certainly would not be on that list.

2 comments to Castro Concedes Communism Is A Failure

  • Ken

    I’m actually suspicious of the statements and quasi-apologies from InFidel Castro. To have the statements coincide with the current American administration sounds to me like he is fully aware of his sympathies in our government. What better timing to try to get the embargo lifted to create an influx of american dollars (much needed) into the Cuban economy.

  • Well, the government did lay off a ton of people. His statements might be legit this time. I hear you though, hard to trust anything Fidel says.

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