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California’s Parade of Self Destruction

Every state has their stories, but California could rival any state in the nation in corruption. Despite the potential dangers of one party rule, the voters of California vote Democrat again and again, furthering the meme that defines insanity. The latest revelations regarding political corruption isn’t likely to change that trend.


Obama Doubles Down On Ignoring The Law

The end justifies the means. If ever there was a more descriptive way of explaining the actions of Barack Obama, that is it. For him, crime does pay, and if he has to change the laws to cash out, he’ll do it.


Chop California Down To Size?

It’s no secret that the economic woes of California are a direct result of failed socialist policies, corruption, and big labor influence. The sheer size of the state magnifies those problems. How can the problems California faces be cut down to size? How about cutting Calfornia down to size.


Boos Rain Down on Obama

How low can Obama go? Apparently he’s been in the gutter for a while and we just didn’t know it. If you believe the media, he sends a tingle down the leg of America. The people though, see it differently.


How Low Can Obama Go?

As a politician, you can be incompetent, clueless, even lecherous, and the generosity of the voting public may give you a pass. And although politics is rife with liars, the voting public doesn’t take kindly to the kinds of lies that affect their lives. Just ask Barack Obama.


In a Sea of Bad, Some Good News

You would have to search long and hard to find any good news when it comes to American politics, but if you do search long enough, you can find something. Those little tidbits of good news could be a template of what might actually save the country too. This piece of good news comes from [...]