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Obama Doubles Down On Ignoring The Law

The end justifies the means. If ever there was a more descriptive way of explaining the actions of Barack Obama, that is it. For him, crime does pay, and if he has to change the laws to cash out, he’ll do it.


Boos Rain Down on Obama

How low can Obama go? Apparently he’s been in the gutter for a while and we just didn’t know it. If you believe the media, he sends a tingle down the leg of America. The people though, see it differently.


How Low Can Obama Go?

As a politician, you can be incompetent, clueless, even lecherous, and the generosity of the voting public may give you a pass. And although politics is rife with liars, the voting public doesn’t take kindly to the kinds of lies that affect their lives. Just ask Barack Obama.


Obama Approval Spiraling Downward

Remember the reviled, the hated George Bush? The guy that was heckled and lambasted as he attended the Obama coronation in 2008? Barack Obama was soaring in the polls back in those days. My how things change. No, the ignorant among us have not had an epiphany, but some things are just too obvious not [...]

The Unimpeded Obama Agenda

Although few were surprised by the rhetoric spewed by Barack Obama at the inauguration, there were those that were a little taken aback by the aggressive tone of his speech. The fact that he doesn’t have to rig another election frees him to pursue his agenda with a ferocity that will make the first four [...]

Obama Places Islam on a Pedestal

It’s pretty easy to tear apart just about anything Barack Obama says, because he is in the unenviable position of having to hide his real agenda. But when he’s implementing that agenda as aggressively as he is, it’s impossible to hide it for long. Put him in front a bunch of crackpots like the goons [...]