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  • Massive Amnesty Scheme in Progress:
    A picture of Obama's America is emerging. Illegal aliens. Druken illegal aliens on our roads. ISIS, ebola, drug cartels-and just about anybody else who wants...
  • Obama, The Bungler In Chief Or Worse?:
    The polls indicate that Barack Obama is doing a very poor job as president. Even those that support him concede that Obama's antics are not...
  • Big Brother Hits Home:
    While illegal aliens languish in the shadows, American citzens have the white hot light of the government shining on every aspect of their lives. From...
  • Obama Threatens to Rewrite Immigration Law:
    It's not easy to document the decline of the United States, and as a result, posts have been few and far between. But if there...
  • America The Replaceable:
    It all makes sense now. The amnesties, the concocted border crisis, comprehensive immigration reform and...good folks that just want to work. I've speculated before, but...

California Hemorrhaging Jobs

And the trend will continue because Democrats in the state are stunningly clueless as to the effects their policies have on the state. California has eclipsed the definition of crazy and has moved into the realm of self-destruction.


California’s Parade of Self Destruction

Every state has their stories, but California could rival any state in the nation in corruption. Despite the potential dangers of one party rule, the voters of California vote Democrat again and again, furthering the meme that defines insanity. The latest revelations regarding political corruption isn’t likely to change that trend.


Chop California Down To Size?

It’s no secret that the economic woes of California are a direct result of failed socialist policies, corruption, and big labor influence. The sheer size of the state magnifies those problems. How can the problems California faces be cut down to size? How about cutting Calfornia down to size.


In a Sea of Bad, Some Good News

You would have to search long and hard to find any good news when it comes to American politics, but if you do search long enough, you can find something. Those little tidbits of good news could be a template of what might actually save the country too. This piece of good news comes from […]

California Legalizes Illegal Alien Drivers

I’ve spoken many times about the new America. An America that is unrecognizable from the America we know today. An America that looks more like a foreign country. And if you want to know what that will look like, buckle up and take a gander at California.


California To Put Two More Nails In Its Coffin

The media focus has been on national and international issues recently, with varying degrees of accuracy. Nevertheless, the issues regarding Syria and the looming Obamacare debacle are being covered. What is getting less attention is what is happening on the state level, and those issues have their own disastrous consequences.