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Janet Napolitano Targets California Universities

And for California, the self inflicted hits just keep on coming. The beleaguered state couldn’t have made a worse choice if they had hand picked it. Well, as it turns out they did hand pick a proven, inept buffoon to run the California UC system. One more nail in the coffin.


Study: Conservatives are Stupid Racists

You can’t make this up-I take that back, apparently you can make this up. Why is it when the conversation turns to civility and tolerance that it is the left that exhibits these qualities the least? Take the tea party movement for example. First, it was a racist movement. Nancy Pelosi called them Nazis. Joe […]

Battle In Texas To Re-Write History

If what is happening in Texas is any indicator, what you learned about the history of this country will be quite different from what your grandchildren will learn.

The Texas State Board of Education, who’s recommendations are frequently adopted by school districts and states around the nation has approved a new curriculum for social studies […]

Education: Facts Or Philosophies?

[column width=”47%” padding=”6%”]The upcoming Obama brown shirt speech to school children has rightly caused outrage from parents who do not want this man twisting the minds of their impressionable children. At the same time, indoctrination, liberal ideas and misinformation are already par for the course in schools. Obama’s talk will just be a continuation of […]