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Hail To The Redskins


Citizens of Seattle Attacked by Their Own

The term fundamental transformation doesn’t begin and end at the White House. There are those in this country that feel the nation state is either an outdated idea or-just wrong. There are also those that still feel this is a racist country and whitey needs to be kept in check. Then there are those that [...]

DOJ Targets City of Lancaster

Good luck to the city of Lancaster. Arizona had the nerve to stand up to the hyper-criminal Justice Department and got no backup whatsoever, so the odds of this city getting their proverbial heads handed to them unfortunately looks like a real possibility.


Colin Powell Plays the Race Card

Was Colin Powell once a conservative man? Was he once the potential presidential candidate that leaned to the right but espoused a practical approach to the nation’s governance? Well, he may have been at one time, but he sure isn’t now. The rhetoric now spewing from Powell’s mouth could very easily be coming from any [...]

Joe Biden Celebrates Reconquista Movement

This is National Hispanic Heritage Month, Not to be confused with white heritage month. Oh, that’s right, there is no such thing. There is for Hispanics though, and unfortunately, they lap up the condescension as if the month was something to be proud of. It isn’t. It is a concoction of guilty white politicians that [...]

Race Card Dealt To Romney…Again

No, this is not a repeat post, but it may as well be. It has become pretty clear that since Barack Obama is unable to run on his record, what he has done both economically and…socially, he and his goons are dispensing with all that content of character talk and going straight to the color [...]