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SEC Hacks Rewarded for Incompetence

The fraud perpetrated by Bernie Madoff cost investors at least $50 billion. His brazen ponzi scheme went on for years as the SEC concentrated on things like forcing companies to predict the effects of global warming on their companies in annual reports. They also let former Countrywide scum Angelo Mozilo walk away unscathed as the […]

Companies Targeted for Avoiding Risky Borrowers

I’ve said before that you can expect an explosion of ethno based politics as engineered demographics is forced on the United States. Here’s a grenade to give you a little taste of what’s coming.

A group calling themselves the National Community Reinvestment Coalition filed a complaint with HUD, charging that some lenders were denying mortgages […]

U.S. Unemployment: Made in China?

For those seeking gainful employment that feel China has nothing to do with their situation, look at it this way: If not for China manipulating its currency, you might still have a job.

October 15 was the deadline for President Barack Obama to decide if he would accuse China of manipulating its currency. It is […]

Social Security COLA Increases Shelved Again

While Barack Obama commits billions of American tax dollars to fund outsourcing, education and healthcare overseas, Social Security recipients, arguably among the most vulnerable in society are not getting a cost of living increase-again.

Known as COLA, the Social Security Administration (SSA) normally metes out cost of living increases in response to inflation. There was […]

Geithner Funneled Tax Money To Goldman Sachs

And he did it with our money. While his friends roll in the dough, the rest of America faces crippling tax hikes and high unemployment. Tax cheat and official scumbag Timmy Geithner was once thought of as an incompetent boob, a poor choice for Treasury Secretary. Now we find out that not only is he […]

Kangaroo Ethics Panel Clears Dodd, Conrad

While the rest of America was being buggered with sub-prime loans, senators Dodd and Conrad were getting sweeheart deals. What was the quid pro quo?

Don’t get me wrong. The people who actually signed on to to the horrible loan packages that Countrywide offered have no one but themselves to blame for their financial mess. […]