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  • Eric Cantor Deposed:
    This is a shot across the bow for those Republicans that think supporting amnesty will further their political ambitions. The house majority leader thought he...
  • Obama Off The Hook Again:
    Barack Obama does what he wants, when he wants and how he wants to do it. And why not? He has virtually no opposition as...
  • ICE Trucking in Illegal Aliens:
    When Barack Obama decreed amnesty for the DREAM children-and anybody that claimed to be, it was outrageous, it was illegal, and it was defacto amnesty....
  • Justice Department Cracks Down On Schools:
    And by default American school children and the taxpayers that fund their education. Whether making up laws to suit them or ignoring laws they disagree...
  • Dictator Obama Exposed:
    Obama the dictator, Obama's imperial presidency, Obama ignoring the law, ignoring the Constitution. The left has written off such memes as political attacks from the...

ACORN Thugs Working as Obamacare Navigators

Anybody that paid any attention at all knew that these brown shirts were still around, and now they may get their hands on your personal information. What could go wrong there? If history is any indicator, plenty, and Darrel Issa will have to go octagon with his own committee to investigate.


Hillary’s Brother Tied to China Visa Scandal

Very early polls show Hillary what difference does it make Clinton far ahead of any kind of challenger for the 2016 presidential nod. Dead Americans, sex scandals, Muslim bowing, not to mention illegally taking the job as Secretary of State is her resume. Apparently, having a record as a train wreck runs in family.


Add Obamacare to the List of Scandals

You can pick any agency, any policy, any employee, and if you haven’t arrived outright, any of those things will lead you to stunning corruption, which has become the hallmark of the Obama regime. As the Glenn Beck’s and the Alex Jones’ of the world start to look more and more reasonable, all of the […]

Scope of Corruption Grows for Obama Regime

How much longer before the American people become truly outraged? Sure, there is a significant uproar over the IRS’ targeting of American patriots. But is that just a blip on the radar of the average American? It better not be, because the Obama regime wants to control every moment of your life. Decimating a free […]

IRS Mirrors Administration Arrogance

This news is even worse than it appears on the surface. As the unmitigated corruption of the Obama regime is bared like a cancer to the world, they continue to reward their thugs and dare anyone to do anything about it. They have only past experience to conclude whether they can actually get away with […]

Obama Regime Awash in Corruption

Is anyone surprised? We have Benghazi, Fast and Furious, an out of control criminal, racist Justice Department, Homeland security that, when they aren’t putting out the welcome mat at the border are trading those mats for prayer rugs, the attack dogs at the EPA, Obamacare that is crashing even before full implementation, chronic unemployment that […]