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  • Massive Amnesty Scheme in Progress:
    A picture of Obama's America is emerging. Illegal aliens. Druken illegal aliens on our roads. ISIS, ebola, drug cartels-and just about anybody else who wants...
  • Obama, The Bungler In Chief Or Worse?:
    The polls indicate that Barack Obama is doing a very poor job as president. Even those that support him concede that Obama's antics are not...
  • Big Brother Hits Home:
    While illegal aliens languish in the shadows, American citzens have the white hot light of the government shining on every aspect of their lives. From...
  • Obama Threatens to Rewrite Immigration Law:
    It's not easy to document the decline of the United States, and as a result, posts have been few and far between. But if there...
  • America The Replaceable:
    It all makes sense now. The amnesties, the concocted border crisis, comprehensive immigration reform and...good folks that just want to work. I've speculated before, but...

SEC Folds on Countrywide Debacle

Well, it turns out that crime does pay after all. Just ask Angelo Mozilo. Not only did he destroy a company and toss a grenade onto the American economy, he profited handsomely for the effort.

Former Countrywide CEO and co-founder Anthony Mozilo cut a deal with the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC), bringing an end […]

GAO To Turn The Screws On ACORN

Hard to beat someone who is cheating, but there are a few in Washington that are trying anyway.

Just days after an activist judge restored funding to ACORN using the false premise of bill of attainder the Government Accountability Office will now be launching their own investigation. In theory, this should fix it. Reps. Lamar […]

Drug Cartels Buying American Politicians

This activity has been known for a while, but with the upcoming amnesty push it is worth bringing to the forefront once again.

The almost non-existent Southern border, the one that Chuck Schumer says is secure, is bringing more than good folks that just want to work. Drug cartels have entrenched themselves in the United […]

Breitbart Claims To Hold Explosive ACORN Video

Not the videos we’ve seen; this is new stuff. The criminal organization known as ACORN has thus far survived due to the inaction of Congress and the administration that is so intertwined with community organizing thugs that you can barely tell them apart. Eric Holder hasn’t even thought about an investigation. Harry Reid wants to […]

Justice Department Twisting Laws For ACORN

Despite damning video evidence, multiple state fraud investigations, mountains of carelessly discarded evidence that they tried to hide from the feds, the Obama Justice Department has decided that ACORN is still entitled to our money. And why not? Obama and ACORN are joined at the hip.

David Barron, the acting assistant attorney general for the […]

ACORN To Regulate Financial Institutions

How do these people get elected? Instead of invoking the RICO statute and bringing ACORN up on criminal charges, they are instead being rewarded with potential czar status. This is tantamount to allowing CAIR to dictate Homeland Security policy, or allowing The National council of La Raza to mandate Border Patrol policy. Ridiculous on its […]