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Democrats, the Rich Party

Not the party of the rich, oh no, I mean they are the party of enriching themselves while America wades through a phony recovery. All the talk about the Republicans being in bed with big business like some kind of mob mentality actually turns out to be true-for the Democrats.

Don’t get me wrong. There […]

SEC Hacks Rewarded for Incompetence

The fraud perpetrated by Bernie Madoff cost investors at least $50 billion. His brazen ponzi scheme went on for years as the SEC concentrated on things like forcing companies to predict the effects of global warming on their companies in annual reports. They also let former Countrywide scum Angelo Mozilo walk away unscathed as the […]

Democrats Sending Stimulus Money to China

We’ve all heard the horror stories of how the stimulus money was either wasted or has gone unspent, but this is a story of how it is being stolen, and the crooks go all the way to the White House.

As Harry Reid fought for his political life in last month’s Senatorial fight with Sharron […]

Wachovia Skimming A Fee From Haiti Donations

Call it greed, or call it foresight. Whatever you want to call it, the fee Barack Obama wants to level against banks ends up being a defacto tax on America. But of course he knew this. People off the street knew it would happen, so to suggest that the economic masterminds in the Obama regime […]

Obama Smacked Down In Copenhagen

Friends are hard to find, eh Barry? Little piece of information Bar: These people aren’t your friends. They will never be, no matter how much of our money you throw at them.

The debacle that was the Copenhagen redistribution conference is over, and Barack Obama heads back to the U.S. with bucket full of spin […]

Kangaroo Ethics Panel Clears Dodd, Conrad

While the rest of America was being buggered with sub-prime loans, senators Dodd and Conrad were getting sweeheart deals. What was the quid pro quo?

Don’t get me wrong. The people who actually signed on to to the horrible loan packages that Countrywide offered have no one but themselves to blame for their financial mess. […]