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  • Massive Amnesty Scheme in Progress:
    A picture of Obama's America is emerging. Illegal aliens. Druken illegal aliens on our roads. ISIS, ebola, drug cartels-and just about anybody else who wants...
  • Obama, The Bungler In Chief Or Worse?:
    The polls indicate that Barack Obama is doing a very poor job as president. Even those that support him concede that Obama's antics are not...
  • Big Brother Hits Home:
    While illegal aliens languish in the shadows, American citzens have the white hot light of the government shining on every aspect of their lives. From...
  • Obama Threatens to Rewrite Immigration Law:
    It's not easy to document the decline of the United States, and as a result, posts have been few and far between. But if there...
  • America The Replaceable:
    It all makes sense now. The amnesties, the concocted border crisis, comprehensive immigration reform and...good folks that just want to work. I've speculated before, but...

The Phony Race Debate in America

Ever since the Donald Sterling saga broke, a spotlight on race has pervaded the country. An honest discussion, such as the one Eric Holder says Americans are too cowardly to engage in? Not really. Racism is a multi-lane highway, but as usual, the albatross is hung around the neck of the group least likely to […]

Boston Marathon Bombing Anniversary-MSNBC Style

We know that MSNBC is just a mouthpiece for the Obama regime. Chris Matthews did nothing to dispel this when he said that it was his job to ensure the success of the Obama presidency. MSNBC doesn’t get many viewers, but those that do watch are getting a clinic in BS 101.


A Tale of Two Americas Redux

The good news is that belief in American exceptionalism is still alive. The bad news is that not everyone is happy about it. You tell me what vision of America you would like to see. If you choose not to, I’m sure there are those out there that will provide a vision for you.


Ted Nugent Dismantles Erin Burnett

Somewhere in Atlanta, Erin Burnett of CNN is probably curled up in a ball somewhere, muttering never again, never again after her last encounter with the Motor City Madman Ted Nugent. She found out the hard way that “gotcha” questions don’t work on terrible Ted.


A Tale of Two Americas

Unless you were a Seattle Seahawks fan, there wasn’t much to watch as far as the Super Bowl. That game was over by half time. Well, you could make the argument it was over after the first play. What really captured my attention were two of the commercials during the game. Contrary to public opinion, […]

A&E Folds

Proof that power of the people still exists-for now. With the threat of a pummeling by viewers, A&E has backed down on their suspension of Duck Dyanasty’s Phil Robertson. Score one for the people.