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rjjrdq Has Returned

I took a little hiatus, but I’m back. Fortunately, I haven’t been away that long, and I’ll start posting again. Maybe not as much as in the past, but they will be tactical. I just had to take-we’ll call it a vacation. Yes, we have to fight the good fight for the good of the […]

WordPress: Good Company, Bad Idea?

It wouldn’t be the first company that made a major gaff. From the Edsel, to new Coke, to Windows Vista, to credit default swaps, companies have made horrible decisions, and some survived their mistakes, and some…

WordPress has decided to update their stats program, making it ostensibly more functional and comprehensive for the bloggers that […]

WordPress Stat Problems May Force A Move

I know, I know, there are two things that can be fatal to a blog: poor content, and moving a blog. WordPress is having substantial problems with their blog stats, and although I will give them a little more time (not much), it looks like I may take the leap and move rjjrdq’s America.

Sure, […]