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Democrats The Voice of Reason?

Now before apoplexy sets in, it was this article that couched this as a Republican/Democrat issue, and that’s how I’ll tear it apart. We know that Republicans have consistently done everything in their power to avoid being the party in power, and this is just one more misstep from the RINO’s that run the party.


Big Brother Hits Home

While illegal aliens languish in the shadows, American citzens have the white hot light of the government shining on every aspect of their lives. From phone calls to social media to internet activity, Americans are being tracked in every way. But, you argue, if I just jettison all electronic devices I can still walk around […]

Feeding Frenzy For Foreign Workers

If you believe the phony employment numbers released by the government you would think that unemployment is dropping and the the country is recovering from the years-long recession. Although that may not be true for the country as a whole, it is true for individual companies, compliments of the the U.S. government.


Facebook Amnesty Scheme

For those of you that still have an account with that leftist data mining operation, get a load of this. Not only would you unwittingly be supporting open borders, but you will be rewarding those that are working to make it happen.


Border Patrol Deadly Force Policy Under Scrutiny

If anybody still thinks the North American Union is just some right wing conspiracy theory, then they just haven’t paid attention to what is happening on our Southern border. The drug cartels and their coyotes already provide enough adventure for the would-be illegal alien wishing to cross over from Mexico. The last thing they need […]

Public Enemy Number One Captured

With the assorted goons, thugs and maniacs trolling the streets of the United States, it might be a tough task deciding who is the worst of the lot. But despite all the seamy characters that could have taken the title, the worst of the worst comes from somewhere else. He’s not good folks, but he […]