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Allen West Exposes Communist Caucus

Few politicians in Washington have the stones to tell it like it is, but there are a few. Allen West, at his own peril, is blunt, truthful, and has a vision for America that would put us on the path to greatness once again. We all know that there are those in Washington, along with […]

Communists, Illegals Rally For Drunken Thug

The media presented this as a story of some good, hard working folks from the neighborhood that just wanted to support a friend. Well, there were others not from the neighborhood that joined in and lent their support. In fact, they organized the rallies.

When knife wielding drunken illegal alien Manuel Jamines came at Los […]

Castro Concedes Communism Is A Failure

Now what Barry? One of your biggest inspirations just flushed your life long philosophy down the toilet. And he should know all about it, because he actually put it into practice.

No doubt the Congressional Black Caucus, who made absolute fools of themselves last year when they went to Cuba to worship Fidel Castro are […]

Van Jones For President?

If the Green Party has their way that’s exactly what we’ll get. If you thought this clown just faded away into oblivion, think again. With the George Soros, Apollo Alliance, Tides Foundation, ACORN, SEIU network of front organizations out there, there are plenty of opportunities for anybody that wants to undermine the United States.

It […]

Obama Smacks Down The Dalai Lama

Clearly, China has been issuing orders to Barack Obama that are designed to humiliate and show who the new number one is. The order this week was that Barack Obama was not to see the Dalai Lama. Guess what? Obama will not see the Dalai Lama.

In an unprecedented snub, Barack Obama has bloodied his […]

Empire State Building Bows To Communism

A celebration of the obscene. Not the birth of a country, but the birth of a communist juggernaut that laid waste to tens of millions of its own citizens through starvation, “reeducation camps”, and outright murder. The United States should feel lucky that China is doing a slow boil in this case. Millions of Chinese […]