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NSA Spying on European Union as Well

It has been political fodder from the start that the Obama regime is famous for throwing friends under the bus and/or stabbing them in the back. The latest back to need stitches though could result in implications that go beyond 2016.


China Ramping Up Cyber Attacks

If somebody jimmied your back door and burglarized your house, wouldn’t you make sure that door was secure so it wouldn’t happen again? In the case of the United States, not only is the door still open, but the break-ins are increasing.


Obama Regime Doubles Down on Foreign Policy Failure

If indeed some poor quality internet film caused massive protest and riots across the Muslim world, then woe to us all if a Muslim reads this blog. Although I haven’t raked Mohammed across the coals like this film apparently did, I’ve had plenty to say about Islam in general. As far as I know, nothing […]

Obama Foreign Policy Failure in Action

Or a stunning victory, depending on who you ask. If the reaction of Obama and his half Muslim lesbian sidekick Hillary are any indicator this was a prime event in which to apologize for America once again. And apologize they did. Obama may as well have provided the matches that burned American flags all over […]

China Warns Of Future Military Confrontation

Against my vehement protests, the Republicans have put all their eggs in one basket, and all it will take is a few statisitical ticks-whether manufactured or not, and Barack Obama waltzes into a second term. The talk has been almost exclusively about the economy, the only deviations coming when the left dictates what social issues […]

Karzai Brands The United States As “Demons”

The foreign policy that passes as Barack Obama’s world strategy can only be described as planned buffoonery. Hosni Mubarak was ridden out of Egypt with the United States cracking the whip behind him, all the while knowing the Muslim Brotherhood would be the beneficiary of this exercise in democracy. With permission from the U.N., Moammar […]