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Obamacare Site Putting All Americans At Risk

They can’t be that stupid, can they? Their agenda may be ridiculous, their philosophy a proven failure, but surely they must have what can be described as book smart. If that is the case, Then the debacle that is the Obamacare website is even more sinister than it appears


Data Breach Even Worse Than Feared

Cash isn’t dead yet, and if there are any more data breaches it may once again become the primary medium of exchange in this country. Bad enough the government is after your personal information, but it is exacerbated by identity thieves around the world looking for that same information. Two peas in a pod, or […]

China Ramping Up Cyber Attacks

If somebody jimmied your back door and burglarized your house, wouldn’t you make sure that door was secure so it wouldn’t happen again? In the case of the United States, not only is the door still open, but the break-ins are increasing.


START Treaty Debacle Emboldens China

An aircraft carrier has so much technological and physical protection that even getting in range to do any damage would be some kind of miracle. Well, stand back, because China is about to part the seas.

Barack Obama lauded the passing of the disastrous START treaty with Russia, that would decimate U.S. nuclear arsenals by […]

Website Shutdown Bill Passes Committee

Have you posted an image on your blog lately? Have you provided links to outside resources? If you have, the Department of Justice may be given the power to shut you down.

The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee rammed through a bill that would allow the government to shut down any website is deems to be […]

Obama to Hand NASA Over to Islam

Well that’s it. Barack Obama is insane and should be removed from office. He is a Muslim, and even other Muslims have verified this. Now he wants to turn over NASA technology to 10th century nuts whose biggest claim to technology is a bomb vest.