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Facebook Amnesty Scheme

For those of you that still have an account with that leftist data mining operation, get a load of this. Not only would you unwittingly be supporting open borders, but you will be rewarding those that are working to make it happen.


Border Patrol Deadly Force Policy Under Scrutiny

If anybody still thinks the North American Union is just some right wing conspiracy theory, then they just haven’t paid attention to what is happening on our Southern border. The drug cartels and their coyotes already provide enough adventure for the would-be illegal alien wishing to cross over from Mexico. The last thing they need […]

Public Enemy Number One Captured

With the assorted goons, thugs and maniacs trolling the streets of the United States, it might be a tough task deciding who is the worst of the lot. But despite all the seamy characters that could have taken the title, the worst of the worst comes from somewhere else. He’s not good folks, but he […]

Mexican Government Requesting a Registry of U.S. Gun Owners

You can’t make this up, although Mexico apparently has. With the memory of Fast and Furious all but ignored South of the border, the corrupt Mexican government has decided that the best way to get a handle on guns crossing into their country is to make sure they know what guns you own.


Mexican Trucks to Roll In U.S. Next Week

I’ve asked the question before, for all those that support the Obama social justice, open borders, Marxist nightmare. You might love what he’s doing in a dreamy, ignorant sort of way, but what happens the day he comes for you? The day that you stand to lose as a result? Well, we’re getting a taste […]

Mexican Citizens to Bypass TSA Screening

The border with Mexico may have already been erased. While American citizens stand in line at the airport waiting to be groped by TSA personnel, Mexican citizens will be able to chuckle and bypass the entire process.

Janet Napolitano went down to Mexico and signed an agreement that would allow millions of Mexican citizens to […]