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Senate Democrats Manhandling Republicans

The word on the hill is that if Republicans don’t cave and fund Obama’s DHS amnesty scheme that they will be blamed by the people and pay for it at the polls. Where have we heard that before?


Voter Fraud in High Gear

With the senate slipping away from the Democrats, these have become desperate times, not just for the endangered senators, but Democrats at all levels of government. But they have faced desperate times before and the game plan now is the same as what the game plan was then. Voter fraud has reared its ugly head […]

Eric Cantor Deposed

This is a shot across the bow for those Republicans that think supporting amnesty will further their political ambitions. The house majority leader thought he could get away with it until the waning days of primary season. He was wrong. The people have spoken and establishment Republicans are reeling.


John Boehner Slams Amnesty Opponents

For now, it remains a mystery why comprehensive immigration reform (amnesty) has not yet been hammered out in congress. But as time goes on, it is starting to look alot like a bipartisan agreement: Both sides want credit.


Voter Fraud Celebrated In Ohio

When we hear of the disenfranchised, and voter suppression, the story is that evil Republicans want to keep those that traditionally vote Democrat from voting. The story is that voter ID laws are so onerous, so imposing, that many voters would be denied the right to cast a ballot. Apparently, that isn’t the case in […]

Mitch McConnell Declares War On The Tea Party

If there is such a thing as a successful loser, then Sen. Mitch McConnell would fit that definition. The ineffective punching bag of Harry Reid would rather give in and appear to have put up a fight in order to keep his position as wing man to Reid. But McConnell does have some fight in […]