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  • A Tale of Two Americas Redux:
    The good news is that belief in American exceptionalism is still alive. The bad news is that not everyone is happy about it. You tell...
  • Darrel Issa Smacks Down Elijah Cummings:
    Darrel Issa has done some good things, and he's made some-questionable decisions. At yesterday's House Government Oversight Committee hearing yesterday he did what he should...
  • Facebook Amnesty Scheme:
    For those of you that still have an account with that leftist data mining operation, get a load of this. Not only would you unwittingly...
  • Border Patrol Deadly Force Policy Under Scrutiny:
    If anybody still thinks the North American Union is just some right wing conspiracy theory, then they just haven't paid attention to what is happening...
  • Ted Nugent Dismantles Erin Burnett:
    Somewhere in Atlanta, Erin Burnett of CNN is probably curled up in a ball somewhere, muttering never again, never again after her last encounter with...

Possible Vote Fraud Ignored by Republicans

There have been so many instances of voter fraud coming from the Democrat side of politics that is has almost become a joke-if it weren’t so serious. What is happening to this country as a result is far from funny. To no one’s surprise, the presidential election Nov. 6 appears to be riddled with fraud, [...]

The Fix Is In

We know that voter fraud occurs in this country, and if ACORN is any indicator, it was rampant in 2008. Think the problem has been solved? Think again. I’ve railed against electronic voting machines for years, not only for their unreliability, but for their ease of manipulation. Now, literally hours from maybe the most important [...]

Foreign Entity to Monitor U.S. Election

As president of the world, Barack Obama certainly has more tactical resources at his disposal than what he has here in the United States. Just on the surface he has the mainstream media, the CPUSA, various occupod organizations, a litany of racist groups and just about any other group that has a problem with whitey. [...]

Massive Voter Fraud Scheme Exposed?

Like an Acornian nightmare, this looks like 2008 all over again. While Eric Holder and co. gripe about the disenfranchisement caused by voter I.D. laws we get this news. Anyone who had dug a little deeper than what the mainstream media dished out knows that when ACORN was exposed by Darrell Issa, and later by [...]

AP Spews Voter ID Propaganda

It is documented on this blog how much the AP is in the tank for the Obama regime, but when the AP chief outed himself and gave a glowing review of Barack Obama, the obvious was confirmed. We could just accept this as another left wing outlet barreling over the cliff with the rest of [...]

Non-Citizen Voter Measures Go Up in Flames

Just barely though, and if absentee voting laws aren’t changed soon, it may be open season on the American electoral system.

Lost in the historic pounding delivered to the Obama agenda on Tuesday were some local measures that would make another day like that unlikely in the future. A measure on the ballot in Portland, [...]