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Non-Citizen Voter Measures Go Up in Flames

Just barely though, and if absentee voting laws aren’t changed soon, it may be open season on the American electoral system.

Lost in the historic pounding delivered to the Obama agenda on Tuesday were some local measures that would make another day like that unlikely in the future. A measure on the ballot in Portland, […]

Van Tran Pulls Even With Loretta Sanchez

If she’s crying racism now, we can only wonder what her reaction will be if she loses.

California’s 47th congressional district is up for grabs this campaign season, with challenger Van Tran now pulling even with scumbag racist Loretta Sanchez in a recent poll. Her racist rant on Univision apparently had just the opposite effect […]

Doug Hoffman Drops out of NY-23 Race

This time though, it was for less nefarious reasons. Still, it’s too bad that the upstart citizen won’t be able to make his mark on the senate-for now.

Doug Hoffman, the conservative concerned citizen from New York’s 23rd district has dropped out of the race for the senate. He lost in the primary to Republican […]

Doug Hoffman Will Seek Vengeance In November

Everybody knows who he is now. Are you listening Michael Steele? You need him a lot more than he needs you.

Conservative party candidate Doug Hoffman has made it official. He plans on running in New York’s 23rd district and he wants Bill Owens in the political octagon. He should have won last November, but […]

New Orleans Wins The Game, Loses The City?

If this guy is anything like his sister-and he is following in her footsteps, Louisiana is in for another storm.

In the deliverance world of Louisiana politics, New Orleans voted in their new mayor among the hoopla of the Saints’ Superbowl victory. Mitch Landrieu, the brother of sellout senator Mary landfill Landrieu, won in a […]

Brown Pounds Coakley

Apparently, the Democratic machine in Massachusetts wouldn’t dare tamper with those voting machines. There was no way they could fake this.

It’s official. Martha Coakley quit at about the 75% point and conceded the Massachusetts special senate election to Scott Brown. it looks like a landslide, and in fact, looked like a landslide even before […]