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Air Marshals Being Phased Out

What this will have the effect of doing is gutting a portion of the nations’s security infrastructure, just in time for a disaster to occur on someone else’s watch. Whether this is the plan or just staggering ignorance is almost beside the point. Almost.


Obama Decrees Amnesty For Terrorists

He said he has a pen and he’s going to use it, and he just has, putting America at risk in the process. Well, if this doesn’t fundamentally change America I don’t know what will, the key word being fundamental.


Shooting Tragedy in Santa Monica Raises Questions

Yet another shooting tragedy has occurred, giving gun control advocates more ammunition if you will to support their position. What happened in Santa Monica on Friday was not only terrible on the surface, but has some underlying details that raises questions as to whether this was some lone nut case-or something else.


Religion of Peace Defiles Boston

After the horror, the grief and then the anger, the first thing that came to my mind was religion of peace. What do you know, right again. The fringe extremists that the clueless dhimmis are constantly apologizing for have enveloped Islam, and they have their signts set on the rest of the world.


John McCain Defends Muslim Brotherhood

Just because someone has an R next to their name doesn’t mean, depending on your definition, that he or she is a true Republican. We have Marco Rubio and Ileana Ros Lehtinen, both amnesty advocates, as well as Lindsay Graham, who not only advocates open borders, but has jumped on the global warming bandwagon as […]

Michelle Bachmann Re-Exposes Obama's Islamist Agenda

Presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann has already been branded as a nut by the left, so in my opinion, it doesn’t matter what she says. Her latest comments happen to be right on the mark, but since the MSM is part of the left wing attack on Bachmann, they’ve twisted her remarks, and even diverted from […]