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China Buying Up U.S. Companies

The idea of facing china in a military conflict would likely mean a decisive weakening of America, even in victory, so any American diplomat worth his salt would look to avoid such a confrontation while leaving the option on the table-just in case. After all, such a scenario would probably do more damage to China in the end, although Chinese military leaders would contest that assertion. As a result, the good news is that we may never see such a confrontation. The bad news is that we may never see such a confrontation.

China has a space program. It has grown leaps and bounds in just the last several years. How did they develop the technology? They’ve built their first aircraft carrier. Funny thing though, they don’t know how to operate it. Yes, they have the technology, but are still figuring out how to use it. Anything in the world that can be manufactured can be duplicated in Chinese factories. How? It’s pretty clear that China steals as much technology as they can get their hands on, and so far it looks as if they’re very good at what they do.

No longer satisfied with mocking the world from their own shores, they’ve decided to take the show on the road. China is buying up the U.S.

Total Chinese foreign direct investment in the U.S. is on pace to reach at least $8 billion this year, according to the report from research firm Rhodium Group.

Yes, a small amount in the grand scheme of things, but in this case, they are buying American companies, and all the technology that goes with it. China looks to get into oil and aviation among other industries in the United States, and what they can’t buy outright they invest in.

We already know that millions of jobs have been shipped to China and American technology is being stolen almost without a fight. Now they want U.S. companies on U.S. soil, and so far, the going is good for them. Will Americans protest? This one is, but taking a page from Walmart, if Chinese companies come here and open a few facilities and create some jobs, many will flock to those jobs, thankful that any kind of employment opportunity exists at all. Both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama talk incessantly about jobs and the economy without giving too many details. Is this the plan? George Bush had essentially the same view of China as Barack Obama, albeit for different reasons. Is this the plan?

While much of focus has been on the Middle East this presidential campaign, the trillion dollar gorilla is still in the room, and it wants American assets. The end result will be China dismantling, disarming and enslaving America, not just taking the torch, but wrenching it away from Lady Libery herself.

I’ve spoken of the new America many times, and no doubt China sees what is coming for this country as well. The new America will never know the difference. Being a Chinese puppet will be completely normal. Just what the communist regime is counting on.

4 comments to China Buying Up U.S. Companies

  • I don’t make light of your concerns, rjjrdq. I don’t like what I’m seeing either; especially when they are buyy production assets. But, I remember when we were afraid the Japan was going to buy up America. From the Chinese point of view, what they are doing is very wise. They are dumping ever decling in value US dollin a way that does not upset the market and replacing them with hard assets. If a world economic crisis is in the offing, this is very smart on their part. Maybe I should worry more about China; but I see them as a centrally planned economy that like all centrally planned economies will go rom one crisis to the next. Its easy to show impressive economic growth when the country is starting from near zero. All is not well in China today.

    • I was talking from the perspective of the U.S. as a nation state. How much of the U.S. is still actually the U.S.? To be honest, there are many who see no problem with that at all. Maybe I’m just old fashioned and behind the curve.

  • And buying up radio stations. Now why would they want to do that?

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