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China Ramping Up Cyber Attacks

If somebody jimmied your back door and burglarized your house, wouldn’t you make sure that door was secure so it wouldn’t happen again? In the case of the United States, not only is the door still open, but the break-ins are increasing.

Congressional hearings have already been held on this subject, but like most hearings nothing has been done. Rep. Mike Rogers, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee said that cyber attacks are increasing and 95 percent of private networks are at risk. We’ve already heard about how government websites have been hacked, but big business in this country are a target as well.

Earlier last week, the Wall Street Journal announced that private e-mail accounts had been hacked by-you guessed it, Chinese hackers. China has been very busy hacking into Western databases, and apparently their ally Iran has now joined the party. Remember, Chinese companies have been selling technology to Iran that is enabling their nuclear program, with not so much as a whimper from the United States.

According to Rogers, information such as social security and bank account numbers are being hacked and sent back to China. With Obamacare being implemented, all of our medical records will be online, subject to the same threats from these hackers. That’s just the small potatoes though.

I’ve said before that not only is China’s wealth expanding, but their technological prowess as well. Are we talking about well educated, innovative Chinese entrepeneurs? No, we’re talking about intellectual property thieves that steal technology and then develop a cheaper model that they sell to the world. What this potentially does to a company is cost them billions in R&D, only to see China produce their product at a fraction of the cost. Of course it will be cheaper: China didn’t have to spend the money on R&D.

As the likes of China and Iran hack into government sites, private company databases, and even infrastructure computers, the government remains silent. The headlines right now are how are we going to give amnesty to those that broke into the country illegally. Well, at least the government is consistent on that point. They aren’t enforcing laws against anybody. I take that back. They will be enforcing Obamacare, but that’s just for the hard working taxpayer. Lawbreakers are exempt.

Rogers puts the value of the information hacked at $400 billion a year. You would think with that kind of money going out the door that somebody would stand up and take notice. Mike Rogers has, but there has been little press on this. Janet Napolitano warns of a cyber 9-11 unless the private sector shares information with the government. No, I don’t know how that would help either, and apparently, either does the private sector. A bill on this subject died last year.

Billions of dollars of hard work and innovation being produced by American companies are being stolen by China. At the same time, some of these companies were asking for trouble when they shipped jobs over there. In any event, here is a situation where the government can-and is obligated to do something. Unfortunately, they’re doing just what you would expect: Not much.

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