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China Warns Of Future Military Confrontation

Against my vehement protests, the Republicans have put all their eggs in one basket, and all it will take is a few statisitical ticks-whether manufactured or not, and Barack Obama waltzes into a second term. The talk has been almost exclusively about the economy, the only deviations coming when the left dictates what social issues the Republicans will stumble over. At the same time, whoever ends up president after November, will have to deal with foreign policy. We’ve seen what Obama has done, handing the Middle East over to the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda, and continuing to line the coffers of an increasingly belligerent China. In fact, China has become so emboldened that they apparently no longer fear a military confrontation with the United States.

Certainly the rise of China cannot be blamed on Barack Obama alone. George Bush just loved shipping jobs overseas. But Obama is here now, and he’s accelerated the passing of the torch to the point where they consider themselves the superpower of the world. The Obama regime cleared China of charges of currency manipulation, even as American companies ship jobs to that country to take advantage of the manipulation that Obama says doesn’t exist. He then invited Hu Jin Tao to the White House and gave him exclusive access to CEO’s from the biggest American companies in order to ship out even more jobs. He’s funded green companies who turned around and shipped out jobs created with the dollars of American taxpayers. Now Obama wants to pare down the military, even as China builds theirs at a breakneck pace. With all the technology they’ve stolen-and continue to steal, they’re making great progress. And if you think Obama’s plan to gut the military was a domestic issue, guess again. China has taken note, and they like what they hear.

The U.S. is currently conducting joint naval exercises with the Philippines near a disputed area of the South China Sea that China claims as their territory. One look at a map and you can see why countries such as the Philippines, Laos and Vietnam are balking at the claim. To further increase the already boiling tension in the region, the joint exercises consisted of retaking seized offshore oil and natural gas platforms. Yes, there is oil in the South China Sea, and China wants it all.

In response to the exercises, a state run Chinese military newspaper warned of armed conflict, with the United States being the instigator.

It wasn’t that long ago that top brass in the Chinese military bragged that they could match the United States bullet for bullet, even dangling the fact that most of the technology that fuels their military is directly stolen from our military. They said they could match our technology, not exceed it. They are also developing a missile that can sink an aircraft carrier. Who would that be for? Obama is helping this along, praising the START treaty with Russia, even as China has conducted unprecedented miltary drills with our cold war foes.

Do you think Mittens will deal with this? We see what Obama is doing. Obama’s dream of no one country over another has backfired, and now a country that has no problem exterminating millions of its own people will soon be the biggest-and the baddest. Obama is so focused on his Alinskyan dream that he can’t see that his scheme has already failed. All he-and his predecessors have done is created yet another superpower, one you can be sure is not as benevolent as the United States. He’s already failed yet he pursues his goal like a handicapped machine, incapable of changing course.

Unfortunately, we’re along for Rainman’s ride, and the day China decides they don’t need our worthless dollar anymore they’ll pretty much do what they want, when they want. Remember, our military will be gutted, and our economy decimated. Not so with China. Add to that the fact that they manufacture 95 percent of rare earths, a critical component of advanced military weaponry, and if they should decide to cut that off-we’ll be back to sticks and stones.

Turn on the tube. You’ll hear about the economy and how much these boobs know how to create jobs. So far Mittens has ignored this giant hole in the boat. We can’t keep bailing much longer.

8 comments to China Warns Of Future Military Confrontation

  • Mittens will only buy us time. Barack is the ultimate pansy wussy. Perhaps only flies fear him?

    • Don’t get me wrong. Romney gets my vote, but he’s not immune from criticism, nor is anybody else that decides they want to run the United States.

      • Mittens is in for a Hell of a time rjjrdq. There is so much that must be undone and cleaned up. He’s a softie and it will be difficult for him especially if his administration is exactly like him. I don’t want Rubio to get the VP. I would much prefer someone like Condileeza Rice that has been in the mix before. She seems to “walk softly with that big stick.”

        • I’ll take Allen West, but that might be more than Romney can handle.

          • I read something interesting that is not getting much play. The man hired people who were very smart and analytical at Bain. They were not the average hire (more geek than pc). What was really interesting was that they were not “yes” men. That perked my interest.

  • Obama is seen by other countries as a very weak negotiator. His idea of negotiations is to give the other side what they want and ask nothing in return. So, it is not surprising that China is flexing its muscles.

    • Unfortunately, what is perceived as weak negotiating may actually be Obama’s strategy. He’s looking to empower everyone else-at the expense of the United States.

  • If it looks like Obama will lose this fall, all hell will break lose I fear, China, Korea know he is an easy mark. They are unsure about Romney or who he will have in his cabinet. Cabinet? What Cabinet do we have now.

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